Midnight Bliss & Shock Project #12 (Read 1718 times)

Started by Xenomic, January 10, 2019, 05:40:59 am
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Midnight Bliss & Shock Project #12
#1  January 10, 2019, 05:40:59 am
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Ho boy! It's been 3 years just about exact since I last released anything it seems. I've had this sitting around for the longest time, so might as well release it here.

What it contains:


Akiha Vermillion (neo_m)
Angel (I think by Sky79???)
Dizzy (by myself, fixed up by...I forget who now) by Muteki
Goddess Athena (Updated by TotalDramaXtremist) by Warusaki3
Grizela (Sky79/TotalDramaXtremist) by Teaf
Kula Diamond (TotalDramaXtremist) by P-Tan
Kula Diamond (TotalDramaXtremist) by Capone
Mai Shiranui (TotalDramaXtremist)
Malin (by myself, fixed by TotalDramaXtremist) by Juke Kisaragi
Miyako Arima (neo_m)
Rachel Alucard (TotalDramaXtremist)
R. Mika (Sabockee)

Includes Cross Edge MB for Demitri by Sabockee (no drain frames)


Athena Asamiya (likiji123)
Yoko Ritona (DelusionTrim) by Warusaki3

Not the BIGGEST pack release for a 3 year thing, but it's...something? The next pack will have a fair bit more (open-sourced shocks by a JP spriter, whom I'm ASSUMING is the long-lost Feria, given what responses I've seen from the BBS, as well as some new Sangue Passares (get ready for more Lilith Treatments, because that's gonna happen a lot as usual!), and if I'm lucky, some more Midnight Blisses!). If ya'll would like to contribute to the project, whether it be donating sprites to it for future packs and/or helping out with making new stuff for the project specifically, do let me know, either in the project thread or in PM! Hope that ya'll enjoy this little pack, and hopefully it won't be another 3 years! ^^;