MvsC2 Stage WIP : 03 Abyss (Read 8191 times)

Started by MangeX, April 18, 2010, 01:32:27 am
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Re: MvsC2 Stage WIP : 02 River
#21  November 20, 2018, 01:24:07 am
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02 - River Stage

Mugen 1.1 (640x480)
Widescreen, full animated, zoom, pseudo 3D.

video prewiew on first post.

This is a work in progress so changes may occur.

Differences in comparision with the previous and only version ever made for anyone of this stage on the mugen community:

Got rid the old delta video canvas floor effect using properly parallax and deltas on single images to allow better 3d effect increasing performance and compatibiliy reducing the size and weight of the file.

New glacier animation reduced in wide for less file wight, has every frame with common 8 bit palette (800 frames) and has the water included in the animation.

- Maybe an HD version with 32bit true color full Mugen 1.1 compatible can be made reducing and scaling the background animation using the unique 1.1 features  -

If any interest it would be easy to port it to mugen 1.0 by quiting the zoom effect.
if any interest could be possible a winmugen 320x240 version of the stage too taking advantage the scaling mentioned.

Very good, keep it up.
1- I don´t know if you knew this, you can download the sprites of all the MvC2 stages in various angles in 1920x1080 or original size right here:

2- I recommend that you follow this parameters to get all the camera stage better:

boundhigh = -390
boundlow = 0
verticalfollow = 1.1
floortension = 65
tension = 70
p1startx = -100
p2startx = 100
leftbound  = -1000
rightbound =  1000
screenleft = 25
screenright = 25
zoffset = 215

Thanks but those image files doesn´t serve much to me ,those are full stage shoots (very lazy method if you ask me) and i need animation, motion and depht but already have the way to obtain what i want.

720p vertions please you can make hd
Re: MvsC2 Stage WIP : 02 River
#22  November 20, 2018, 01:34:12 am
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Looks awesome.  The only issue i see in the video is the glacier stage's aurora doesn't seem to loop properly. 
Re: MvsC2 Stage WIP : 03 Abyss
#23  December 02, 2018, 12:34:43 pm
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Abyss Stage

Armor phase

Guardian phase

Monster phase

Mugen (640x480)
Widescreen capable, full animated, zoom feature, pseudo 3D.

video preview on first post.

This is a work in progress so changes may occur.

What is new in this stage in comparision with others made before?

Include the 3 variants in wich you confront the boss and each one was made an individual stage for independient selection or can be used in one big temporized stage who change during fight.
While this is a work in progress the transition animations are mostly place holders ,the most notorious is the first phase as can be seen for now is a rought animation only to check how work but at least is functional.

What is left?

I got all the images needed to do each independient parallax and pseudo 3d delta stages, but as an example the first phase on the temple was already made for its own and there are another similar thematic stages out there and i want to offer some new and complete experience, so only left is to work on the destruction animations when each abyss transformation is beaten before can claim that is completed.

What i want?

A fully functional small size and well coded interactive stage who can be attached on a full game as a boss stage with the changes of music and enviroment on each transformation and of course a stage who can work on its own or separated ones in generic games.

Looks awesome.  The only issue i see in the video is the glacier stage's aurora doesn't seem to loop properly. 

This is a Work in Progress project so changes and improvements are going to happen.
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Re: MvsC2 Stage WIP : 03 Abyss
#24  December 02, 2018, 07:57:50 pm
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Looks really cool.  :thumbsup:
Any donation will be well received  >>
Re: MvsC2 Stage WIP : 03 Abyss
#25  December 03, 2018, 04:34:33 pm
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Good thing I voted for this stage long time ago!