Need help with 2 different "vega"s (Read 421 times)

Started by Shutterbug, December 25, 2019, 05:51:14 am
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Need help with 2 different "vega"s
#1  December 25, 2019, 05:51:14 am
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Hi all

I have 2 different characters, Vega & M. Bison, but the 2 share the same name file name of "Vega". How do I use both and not have the game crash on me?

This is the text I get on screen when I attempt to load the Vega character

"Error detected.

Undefined command label: "command".
If not misspelling in CNS, check CMD
Error parsing trigger1, 1
Error parsing [State 1200, end]
Error in [Statedef 1601]
Error in chars/Vega/common1.cns:489
Error loading chars/Vega/Vega.def
Error loading p2

Clipboard tail:
  Loading cns VS_Engine.cns...OK
  Loading cmd state entry Vega2.cmd...OK
  Loading common states common1.cns...OK
  Loading sff Vega2.sff...OK
  Loading anim Vega2.air...OK
  Loading snd Vega2.snd...OK
  Loading pals...(1,1)(1,2)(1,3)(1,4)(1,5)(1,6)(1,7)(1,8)(1,9)(1,10)(1,11)(1,12)OK
  SFF v1.01 palette hack engaged.
  10673 expressions (3638 on trigger lines)
Character Vega2.def loaded OK
New char M. Bison loaded into cache: (1/4 cached) Load time: 560.000ms
Loading character chars/Vega/Vega.def...
  Loading info...Info: Vega loading in pre-1.0 compatible mode
  Loading cmd command set Balrog_tag\Balrog.cmd...OK
  Loading cns Balrog_tag\Balrog-N_alt.cns...OK
  Loading cns Balrog-S.cns...OK
  Loading cns Balrog-H.cns...OK
  Loading cmd state entry Balrog_tag\Balrog.cmd...OK
  Loading common states common1.cns...Character Vega.def failed to load"

Would appreciate some help!
Re: Need help with 2 different "vega"s
#2  December 25, 2019, 01:50:15 pm
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I don't know what you did to create that error, but don't.

You can easily have these two characters.  One of the two needs to be in a folder in a different name.  So one is Vega and the other is...maybe MBison.  So now to have that character in your select, you can add it as MBison/vega.def or you can rename the DEF file to match the folder.  The two characters cannot be in the same character folder.*

* I mean they technically can, but unless you're just really in the mood for a lot of work, there's no reason to try because it's a really bad idea.
Re: Need help with 2 different "vega"s
#3  December 25, 2019, 02:27:45 pm
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The error you're presenting us have nothing to do with the name of the chars, it's an error in the char's cns. See:

Error parsing trigger1, 1
Error parsing [State 1200, end]
Error in [Statedef 1601]
Error in chars/Vega/common1.cns:489

Probably a mispelling error, which is easy to fix. Open common1.cns in Vega's folder and search for [State 1200, end], if you don't know about coding you can copy the state and paste here so we can see what is going on and tell you what to do.