Link (from LoZ) v 2.2 by KingCharz (Read 4732 times)

Started by kingcharz, May 05, 2019, 03:38:03 am
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Link (from LoZ) v 2.2 by KingCharz
New #1  May 05, 2019, 03:38:03 am
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I literally was chilling on my couch and going over my roster for editing, and I saw an error from my own creation, Link. I fixed it and thought I would upload it even though it was the slightest of edits. I literally spent the last 20 minutes contemplating if I should just modify my last post (from 2013) because it's such a small fix, but I'm a stickler for the rules. Check the readme for version details. Enjoy.

P.S. Funny enough, this is an edit of remastered version of Link I posted 3 years ago , which was an update to the original Link 3 years before that. So, hopefully, I'll come up with something to fix in 2022.

Link from the Legend of Zelda series - v 2.2
By KingCharz, ChaosDante, HMW, MICROmor, and Chuchoryu

Download for Link v2.2

Download for Hyrule Field stage

Posts (and screenshots) of previous versions:
The first Link
The revamped Link
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Re: Link (from LoZ) v 2.2 by KingCharz
#2  May 05, 2019, 05:05:49 pm
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You may as well post new ones; postimg isn't being kind on this end and it's all broken (I don't even know if there's pics for the stage).