"MvC+POTs template" from mr.Ansatsuken's akuma (Read 2031 times)

Started by Aumio Khan, February 23, 2017, 07:32:20 pm
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"MvC+POTs template" from mr.Ansatsuken's akuma
#1  February 23, 2017, 07:32:20 pm
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well, seeing Memo's pots template, i began to think how about we make a fusion/hybrid gameplay combining SvK/MvC and P.O.T.s/CvS system. and the easy way to do it is... bringing out the template from akuma by mr.Ansatsuken.
though i am un-skilled to do it. but if the expert authors/creators take it in consideration, it will be great. especially the characters from anim and manga will be awesome in hybrid mvc+pots gameplay system with gorgious sprites!
for example: dbz chars with extreme butoden sprites and mvc+pots gameplay system can be very cool!
so if a mvc+pots template is brought on spotlight, i think the beginers and un-skilled coders will be able to make beautiful creation using it.
your opinions are welcome! and thanks in advance! :)

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Re: "MvC+POTs template" from mr.Ansatsuken's akuma
#2  February 23, 2017, 11:36:06 pm
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Is already been done, look for infinites char template, it has combos, launchers, air combos, pots hitsparks and
Char mechanics..ect
Re: "MvC+POTs template" from mr.Ansatsuken's akuma
#3  February 24, 2017, 02:37:59 am
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I was toying with the idea of making another character like C. Evil Ryu by combining POTS graphics with the IMT template. Soon I realized I'd have to actually play with it to test it out so its also in my large pile of things I yet to finish.

it's because they are already content with what they have done, mugen is not a paying job so as long as the charcter works for a creator that's enough; one's persons crouching while running is another person's change it to pots style.