How do you sort your projectile states ? (Read 501 times)

Started by Bastard Mami, August 30, 2011, 03:41:54 pm
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How do you sort your projectile states ?
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So there I am, updating the standars of my game when I decided that i will re-estandarize the way I sort my projectile statenos; I like to space regular states by 10, so qcf+x would be state 2000 then qcf+y would be 2010, and I would use a shared 2040 or soemthing state for the actual projectile code  and then I would have to bother with the fx.

now i will have more states, for reversed projectiles as well as other stuff so i am rethinking the way I do stuff; I am thinking on doing state 2000 for qcf+x, state 2010 for the charatcer fx layer and state 2020 for the projectile's states. I still want to read how other people organize their "character hrowing projectile" "projectile" "fx" states, to see if someone has come up with a method that feels better overall.

ok, I kinda hurried the topic for external reasons, I will now explain it in more detail, notice that this is brainstorming.

character projectile states.
pre-shooting projectile - shooting the projectile - cooldown.

projectile states
being shot - hit something and dissapear -  reversed

effects states
pre shooting projectile - shooting the projectile

did i cover them all or am I missing something ?
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