Blood Splats - background font for combo counters (Read 2211 times)

Started by mr_bourrepalestick, February 13, 2017, 10:15:13 pm
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Blood Splats - background font for combo counters
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Lately, I was working on fightscreen stuff for my fullgame project.
Here I want to share something I came out with : a blood splat font that I'm using as a background for combo counter display.


How does it look like ingame ?

As you can see, I have chosen to display combos' damage instead of hits.
But you can easily chose whatever you want for the text inside the blood splats. I'll share here blood splats without any text for that purpose.

This "background font" consists of 10 glyphs (320x160 pixels each) :
9 different glyphs for 1-9 characters
+ 1 glyph for all other ASCII characters.

The glyphs I'm using

The same, text free. So you'll be able to adapt them as you see fit  :)


Here is a zip folder which contains all you'll need (at least I hope so)
>>> Empty blood splats font zip file (400 Ko) <<<

A quick reminder of what is inside the zip folder in the spoiler.
Spoiler, click to toggle visibilty


First, the splats come from a splatter brush which you can find here.


This splat font is meant to be used under the [Combo] section in fight.def file.
Basically, you'll be using team1.counter.font to display your combo counter using your own font.
team1.text.text = "%i" will display the splats (as the background for the combo counter).

Please notice those lines in empty-blood-splats.def font definition file:
; Spacing between font glyphs: width, height.
Spacing = -320,0
; Drawing offset: x, y.
Offset = -160,60
This is meant for multiple digit figures to be displayed on top of each other, as a single blood splat.


Also, for a 1280x960 localcoord in system.def , here is my [Combo] section in the fight.def.
Spoiler, click to toggle visibilty

Pay attention to the teamX.pos values ... I'm not surehow to explain them, but those are the values which worked out for me.


If you don't have a clue on how to customize this and make your own blood splat font, please do tell.
I'll post a step-by-step tutorial.

I hope you guys like it.
Every feedback will be appreciated ! (even if you don't intend to use this font  :P )
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