Metal Guns Fury (Android/iOS) (Read 252 times)

Started by jo19sh92, November 13, 2019, 05:01:14 pm
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Metal Guns Fury (Android/iOS)
#1  November 13, 2019, 05:01:14 pm
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Despite being the most obvious ripoff/clone of Metal Slug, the game itself is actually quite good and the spritework is beautiful. So honestly, not much to say about this. Its a game that is HEAVILY based off of Metal Slug and I'm sure someone would have fun messing with these sprites, since interestingly enough, there is a LOT of gore in this game, so ya know... a Metal Slug based Pixel Art based Mortal Kombat style of this stuff would be an interesting touch.

Every character sprite set seems to come with gore sets as well, for things such as decapitation, burning alive, etc. It took a little while to dig through all the files, but I managed to scrounge up everything I could, along with audio and some other stuff. (Going to be adding audio to almost all my uploads from now on, unless of course its really obnoxious to do so)

Character I Main As (Updated)

Dragon-Ken (by Kotori)
SPO Ryu (by Rikard)
Bebum Ryo (by Daimonmau)
Jesse (by The_None)