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Started by jo19sh92, November 28, 2019, 09:12:22 pm
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Verdict Guilty (PC)
#1  November 28, 2019, 09:12:22 pm
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Verdict Guilty is a fighting game centered around, what I can assume to be Law Bringers vs Law Breakers (aka Cops vs Criminals). The game itself plays... decently, I guess. I mean, from what I've seen and now what I have experienced, the game just doesn't play like how it should. I feel that maybe perhaps the people making it, were a bit short on time and didn't have the funds to really put 110% into this. I mean, it looks absolutely amazing, the sprite style is gorgeous, the music is nice, but the gameplay is a bit shoddy. I do feel, that under the right hand on here (or elsewhere), someone could really revive this and give it a proper rebuild in MUGEN (or for MUGEN). Either way, it deserves some love, and I'm sure you talented creators on here will do it some justice.

Anyways, here's the video from SuperBestFriendsPlay, as you can see... even they were like "yeah... this is nice, but it doesn't play nice". So my guess is, this would probably work best as either spriteswaps of Armin_Luf's Counter Strike characters (obviously with the audio also fixed) or maybe under like the MvC style or possibly just the classic SF2 style. Either way, I'm sure someone will make it prettier and far more functional.

Included is all the music, sounds, sprites, backgrounds, artwork, stages, etc. Basically, when it comes to ripping games, I try to rip as much stuff as I can out of it, but every now and then, its a hassle and not worth the effort. FORTUNATELY... this one wasn't even a hassle, so I'm quite surprised it was never posted. Unfortunately though, all the sprites are in (.tga) format and will have to be re-saved as (.png) or something, not sure why anyone would use (.tga), but whatever.
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