[Hopeless Masquerade] Palanquin Ship  (Read 4869 times)

Started by The Magic Toaster, July 30, 2013, 06:32:27 am
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[Hopeless Masquerade] Palanquin Ship
New #1  July 30, 2013, 06:32:27 am
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(Credit to Swordsman-Kai for the video)

Note: The ship isn't like how it is in the game since it was a 3D model which is impossible to establish into MUGEN the way it was done in the game. I hope you don't mind that its not like that. Please enjoy the stage and leave feedback. Thank you. Credit goes to Aya Shameimaru for ripping the sprites.

- Compatibility: Mugen 1.0 and Winmugen+
- Animation: Yes.
- Superjump: Yes
- Parallax: No
- Zoom: Yes

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Re: [Hopeless Masquerade] Palanquin Ship
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link leads to a completely different stage...
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Re: [Hopeless Masquerade] Palanquin Ship
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