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Started by walt, August 28, 2007, 04:18:56 am
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post your movie opinions

i'll start:
i think i love shrek when i was a child, the characters were good, the writing was great, the animation was perfect, the music it's awesome, and the voice acting was gud 8/8,

i'll give a 10/10 for this movie and also for the sequel of course. :thumbsup:
Re: Last movie you watched + 2 lines review.
#5062  January 31, 2018, 06:58:31 am
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I was a die hard fan of the series when I was a teen, so when I heard there was gonna be a newer one that is still in the main timeline of the series (as in not a reboot), I was quite excited. Of course since I grew up I'm not as much of a die hard fan anymore but I still love the police investigation plot, along with the character relations and stuff, and the plot twists that served some pretty interesting endings and the Jigsaw philosophy of them.

Did I get all of that in this movie? Yes I did, is it the best of the series? Not really but I wasn't expecting that, first one is still the best but in all honesty I thought this was a good entry in the series and I wasn't having high expectations or anything. The main game was interesting and it had an aspect about it that I really liked and hadn't been done before in the previous movies (not the gore, but the way it's "orchestrated" lets put it that way).

Now to avoid spoilers about the plot twist, I'll say that I did really like one part of it, and then other things happened kinda felt a little too convinient even for Saw. Another thing I'd like to say is if you like the series like I do and you haven't seen this entry yet, if you expect numerous references of throwbacks to the previous movies you're likely gonna be dissapointed because this is more or less its own movie, just in the same timeline that is all.

Maybe I'm overselling the movie but it was actually decent imho. The movie itself isn't too different from the previous ones, the most difference is the cinematography which looks way better than all the other ones.

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The Shape of Water

The good
+ Every scene looks gorgeous, but that's par for a del Toro movie. He does some amazing shit when working with water.
+ Sally Hawkins does a pretty good job. Octavia Spencer too
+ The social commentary isn't as hamfisted as it could be, especially if you're already used to del Toro's "it's ok to be weird" message. I think he did a good job by juxtaposing it with nostalgic imagery.

The bad
Spoiler, click to toggle visibilty

The ugly
- I still think the asset looks like a second hand Abe Sapiens. I'd expect a bit more originality since del Toro loves to design monsters.
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Black Panther

What can I say ... the acting was among the best I've seen in a Marvel flick, the action sequences were powerful and authoritative, the jokes (though few in number) were inserted into moments that felt appropriate (e.g. the sibling prods of T'Challa and Shuri), and the motivational delivery of Michael B. Jordan's Killmonger was, frankly, rather heart-wrenching.  I give it two thumbs up. :2thumbsup:

Although not quite as telling as I had anticipated, the mid- and post-credit scenes were suitable additions to the film.
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