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Started by recruta42, November 22, 2007, 01:47:37 am
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#21  February 24, 2008, 10:08:44 am
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Suggestion: Make overhead slash as forward+B instead of BC, in manner of SS6.
Overhead slash is basically like additional slash and "forward+slash" motion are unused in SS5 (but they are used in all 3D samsho games and in SS6 - to increase number of slash attacks)
Re: Suggestions for the game.
#22  March 15, 2008, 10:53:19 am
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Dunno if you have added it or it have been suggested already but.
You know in ss4 (dunno if newer games to) when playing two players, and both players have winned a match each, when you kill opponent, they drop theyrs sword and his/her sword slices opponent in half, ill see if i can get a screen.
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Re: Suggestions for the game.
#23  March 15, 2008, 11:58:07 am
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You are incorrect, they just drop their sword and its opponent's sword which deals the deathblow that cuts in half. Also horisontal cut in half is a classic finisher it is present in SS1-SS4, SS64, Asura Zanmaden, SS5sp and SS Sen.
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Re: Suggestions for the game.
#24  March 15, 2008, 12:07:59 pm
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Yeah I noticed that now, It just looked like p2s sword killed p2. >__<
My bad.
Anyway, add the horisontal "cut" and the Final Fatality, that would be really nice. ^__^
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Re: Suggestions for the game.
New #25  March 16, 2008, 10:05:44 am
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I picked new move for Hanzo which can be Weapon Flipper / Secret Ougi / Death Ougi etc..
Because basically in SS5sp his Weapon Flipper is just Strong version of his SS4's Shrike Drop. And his Death Ougi in SS5sp is remake of his Secret Ougi from 3D games, with all those X-ray shots.

So, about new move:
It is from Hattori Hanzo seen in Samurai Deeper Kyo and it is called Kagerou (Heat Haze)

He walks forward trailing by his shadow clone. If he connects he stands from right side of opponent and his shadow clone from left side. Then he does nine strikes each one for one of sacred ninja seals, while shadow clone copies all his movements from other side.
As each strike connencts he says the name of each seal and its kanji appears in small fire circle. Those fire circles will in the end make big circle around opponent.

He does left punch and says "Rin" (臨) - "Strength"
He does upwards kick and says "Pyō" (兵) - "Channel"
He does downward  kick and says "Tō" (闘) - "Harmony"
He does roundhouse kick and says "Sha" (者) - "Healing"
He does vertical kick and says "Kai" (皆) - "Danger Sense"
He slams it back with axe kick and says "Jin" (陣) - "Thought Reading"
He does kick to the shin and says "Retsu" (列) - "Control of time & space"
He does crouching low kick and says "Zai" (在) - "Control of elements"
He does forward mid punch and says "Zen" (前). - "Enlightement"

The kanji circle looks like this:
      (前)   (兵)
    (在)       (闘)
     (列)     (者)
       (陣) (皆)
In the end he does ninja seal with hands and says "Metsu" and all 9 kanji come to the center combining in the big fire kanji (滅) "Destruction", which then explodes, and his shadow clone disappears as well.

Also about X-Ray shots, best of those were in 3D games so I ripped them and I have them as images.
-Left / Right Arm Break
-Back Break
-Leg Break
-Neck Break
-Rib Thrust
-Shoulder Break
-Skull Crusher
-Double Leg / Pelvis Break (it is from SS5sp but I edited it so it looks like the rest)
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