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Started by Bastard Mami, October 06, 2011, 12:25:44 am
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Based of her brawl incarnation, she's got too many moves so it is hard to balance her, might end up giving her two modes, I still need to recolor her sprites so she does not look like she is wearing a pajama.She will have very few sounds and is seriously lacking on fx.

At first she was due for regular mugen, but since the vgm gameplay was not very welcome for it I will first make her for my game, then later I will consider a regular mugen port.

here is the old wip topic; the movelist remains the same

Still needs good fx.

Even though she was mostly coded I will have to backtrack due to the new standars so I will make a list of what is left to be done.

* update her sprites and animations to the new numbers
* update all statenos to the new numbers
* update all statenos based on the code tools
* reprogram projectiles for projectile interaction using the standarizing tool.
* fix minor bugs already existing
* implement hit priorities as seen in the topic
* implement grabs
* program new special moves/ supers
* edit/program whip - gun
* add sounds

this is kind of too general but should suffice for a start, I will post some updates as I work on her.
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#2  October 06, 2011, 12:34:46 am
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Why is her named spelled 'Zamus'?


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^"Zero Suit" Samus. It got shortened because no one wants to type all of that.