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Started by HomebrewKing, June 20, 2012, 11:00:48 pm
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HomebrewKing is here
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Hey whats up everyone? I have been creating and fooling with Mugen for years now and I can't seem to stay away from it. I am really big into homebrew not with just playing but creating as well. I recently started building a site dedicated to all homebrew because after the MU crisis a lot of great homebrew games were lost but luckily a few people still have many games that are no longer online. I am slowly uploading some of these gems so that others may enjoy them as well but my internet speed is horrible but they will be brought back to life again. My site has games, tools and tutorials for almost all homebrew engines. I am not trying to compete with the best but rather have a site that is dedicated to everything homebrew and make sure all games etc... are constantly available for everyone to get. I apologize for not checking the rules out yet but I would like to link my site so that you all may check it out and even help upload or share links of homebrew games for everyone. I hope to chat with you all again.

My homebrew site:

If linking these we not allowed please remove the links  ;D
Long live homebrew!!!!

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