Capcom Vs SNK W: palette makers and whatnot needed >_> (Read 8519 times)

Started by -Red-, February 20, 2008, 09:45:42 pm
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Capcom Vs SNK W: palette makers and whatnot needed >_>
New #1  February 20, 2008, 09:45:42 pm
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EDIT: Palette and joke winquote contest open
Should I open them here too?
In the WIP section would be better IMO.

Anyway, very nice job with this screenpack/full game system. I like it really very much, and you've made everything easy to install. :)

I opened some contests on club syndicate, all of them related to CVSW.

CVSW Palette contest:
Spoiler, click to toggle visibilty

CVSW Joke winquote contest:
Spoiler, click to toggle visibilty

It's not obligatory to post your contributions on that site, you can do it here aswell.

And now on the other real deal  :ninja:

I'm working on an update for version 2.0, which now raised to 2.2 on my private (for now) version:

but before the release I would like to get some suggestion about what should I change, If you have something to suggest read this first:

If what you wan't to say it's not reported already then say it over there or here.

for now the new features are:

- remade the lifebars DOH'!
- remade the battle portraits and some of the character select screen portraits
- remade many of the hi res sprite 9000,1 images
- added a transition effect before and after a round
- tweaked story mode and portrait detection coding
- tweaked a lot of coding on other sections
- added support for geese's HCBX2+P SSM, now everything get's remove when it should
- added a helper that removes the foreground of the stages during the SSM pause, I had to study each character's activation of the effect and state number but it's worthly :D, now you will be able to play on all the stages with no problem
- gonna remake the winquote screen tonight, and probably add tandem winquotes for simul mode (well at least im gonna try to show the teammate on the screen)
- tweaked select.def, now the chars are divided in more AI levels and they are used to detect the story mode (10 stages with exclusive mid boss battle) and team arcade mode (12 stages with exclusive final battle against the EX BOSSES, they are powered up versions of ryu, kyo, rock and yun with healing skills and infinite power. A big challenge I must say).
- I'll try to add an ending :P

I hope the project get's a little bit of popularity so I can start with phase 3 of it, exclusive interactuve stages (well, stage makers needed :P, or at least graphics). If I find enough people to help on the project I will post the list of the desired exclusive stages for CVSW.

AND IF SOMEDAY THAT'S FINISHED... I will start with phase 4, the CVS BOOST mode, a side scrolling mode (I know about the custom state limitation, but don't worry, I have everything planned :D) Which will continue the story of CVSW...

AND IF THAT'S FINISHED which probably won't happen in a long time, I will make the "? ? ?" character for mugen ^^ (he has a name but I will reveal him when the time comes). U know after all he should be the boss on story mode or CVS BOOST mode.

that's all, I hope I can get some help here...
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