Special Attacks (Mechanics) (Read 1820 times)

Started by Niitris, June 15, 2016, 10:50:09 am
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Special Attacks (Mechanics)
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Special attacks are moves that oftentimes requires a more complex input to perform than normal attacks. While normals are the bare essentials of a character, special attacks can alter the ideal play style of your character. These moves can require varying conditions to perform, such as being in the air, a reversal only, or being close to the opponent.

General notes about special attacks:
- Select normal attacks can be cancelled into specials (varies by character).
- Special attacks can obtain different properties depending on where or when they hit.
- Special attacks commonly, but not always, cause meter gain simply for performing the move.

To designate an move as a special attack in Mugen, assign the attack as SA, SP, or ST in the attr line of the HitDef.

There's tons more to it than this but I'm certain that I couldn't cover everything even if I tried. D:
Feel free to add anything I know I missed.
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Re: Special Attacks (Mechanics)
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Most Special attacks have multiple variants, usually two or three depending on the game, which are dependent on which attack button used to complete the input. Variants of Specials typically utilize slightly different properties that gives each variant of the special move its own unique application, which vary from damage, startup & recovery times, amount of startup invincibility frames, and so on. Some examples include:

  • Ryu's LP Hadouken will fire a slower moving projectile whereas his HP Hadouken will fire a much faster moving projectile.
  • Ryu's LP Shoryuken does less damage, but does not take Ryu that far off the ground, whereas HP Shoryuken does more damage, but takes Ryu much further off the ground, making it much riskier to use if blocked.