Zoom (SCTRL) 1,1b Exclusive (Read 3586 times)

Started by Just No Point, October 28, 2015, 04:26:40 pm
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Zoom (SCTRL) 1,1b Exclusive
#1  October 28, 2015, 04:26:40 pm
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Zooms everything except for screenpack related items like lifebars, portraits, etc.

Required Parameters:
scale - The value by which to zoom in. A value of 1.0 or greater is required. A value of 2 will double the scale of all sprites.

Optional Parameters:
pos - The position on screen to bind the zoom, relative to the center of the screen. A value of Pos X, Pos Y will zoom in on P1.
lag - Unknown; all it appears to do right now is break the SCTRL entirely.


[State 0]
type = Zoom
scale = value
pos = x, y

NOTES: This SCTRL is undocumented and seems to not be completed. You can read about it's discovery and discussion in this thread.
Do to this being incomplete and not well documented USE THIS SCTRL AT YOUR OWN RISK
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Re: Zoom (SCTRL) 1,1b Exclusive
#2  October 28, 2015, 09:58:02 pm
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I don't think we should create topics for unsupported or unofficial sctrls. Using them is risky and the lack of proper documentation makes them not suitable to newbies and creators in their early stages, which is what this section is aimed at.

Better leave them to development discussion.
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Re: Zoom (SCTRL) 1,1b Exclusive
#3  October 28, 2015, 10:02:46 pm
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I disagree. This board is for both new and veterans. It can be cumbersome to look all over the forums for the undocumented and incomplete stuff. It should all be listed in this board for easier location. At most I can put stronger warnings for anything undocumented and unsupported. Use at your own risk and whatnot.
Re: Zoom (SCTRL) 1,1b Exclusive
#4  October 28, 2015, 10:34:35 pm
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For a while I was against using this sctrl but if elecbyte took another 10 years hiatus, what's the harm?(not actually saying that's the case btw)
Albeit not many creations use it as is, but I think that's simply from not being widely known, and not everyone using 1.1

If someone is gonna be using this section to learn, removing this from a character is pretty simple. I'm also inclined to believe Elecbyte intended to add the sctrl fully once 1.1 was finished. Stages have zoom now, so the sctrl suddenly being added isn't so strange.

I'm done typing now.
Re: Zoom (SCTRL) 1,1b Exclusive
#5  October 29, 2015, 08:25:50 am
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Re: Zoom (SCTRL) 1,1b Exclusive
#6  August 08, 2016, 11:52:47 am
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Copy pasting...

This might help in case someone wants to use this:

I learned something new about this controller.

If this is in a camera helper

[State 7660, Zoom]
type = zoom
trigger1 = 1
scale =fvar(22)
pos = ((pos x) / fvar(22)) * CameraZoom, (pos y) -  (CameraPos y / fvar(22))) * CameraZoom

this will focus on the camera helper whatever it is.

the fvar(22) is the a relative value for zoom! not absulute!

if zoom is 1 that no change
if zoom is below 1 you got wide screen zoom out.
if zoom is bigger than 1 you can zoom in.

CameraZoom will return only the value of current stage zoom. it won't be effected by your zoom controller.

for example
if the stage's default zoom is 0.75
you put fvar22 = 1. the out come will be still 0.75
if you put fvar22 = 1.25 the out come will be 1

if you simple put pos = 0,0
the camera will always zoom in for the center of the screen
if you simple put pos = pos x, pos y
the camera will out of focus if you give a big zoom value.

Mugen have a default stage camera that you can't see.
and it moves according to the stages settings you need to subtract it effect when you use your own camera.