Need help with my sprites (Read 3413 times)

Started by Shun_Andrómeda, November 30, 2007, 07:03:51 am
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Need help with my sprites
#1  November 30, 2007, 07:03:51 am
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Hi , im needing help creating my sprites. I started by editing some sprites that already had a pallette of their own. But I checked my edited pcx files and the pallettes are different from the original ones :S ....

I tried making my own pallette and saving it(ive been using elecbyte's tutorials to start my char), but when I try to use it on my pcx files I can't save them into the same pcx, I always obtain a psd file   :'( . Also... I deleted accidentaly my last sprite XD , fortunatelly I had it saved as bmp , but then again... I been told that once u save a pcx file into a bmp or gif, the image looses its pallette  ???

So if you can please tell me what im doing wrong
Thanx a lot and sorry if my problem is simple but Im having lots of trouble learning about pallettes and how they work.