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Started by Sookoll, May 30, 2010, 07:06:56 pm
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Re: Last game you finished + 4 lines review.
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Donut County

An interesting, if short, indie game with a sort of a reverse Katamari Damacy vibe;  You control a mobile hole in the ground with the goal of dropping all of the objects in each level into said hole.  The story is delivered mostly through flashbacks, with residents of the town all gathered at the bottom of the hole sharing stories of how they wound up there and trying to figure out how to get themselves and their town back to the surface.

As a physics puzzle game, it's quite fun.  The hole starts out tiny and the more objects that fall in the bigger it gets, allowing you to swallow up more stuff.  A lot of the challenge comes from knowing how to strategically position the hole, or dropping certain environmental objects in the right order.  Eventually you get the ability to launch things back out of the hole to further manipulate the game physics.

The writing is where the game really shines.  The main character, BK, is a selfish, asshole raccoon who was the one directly controlling the hole until he ended up falling in himself, and throughout the story he constantly denies ever having done anything wrong despite it being painfully obvious to everyone else that it's 100% his fault.  Most of the characters are pretty simple archetypes, but they're all likable enough and dialogue has the casual air of a chat room with friends.  Every object dropped into the hole also unlocks its entry in the "Trashipedia" with some pretty funny descriptions.

The only problem with the game is that it's just too short.  The whole thing start to finish is at best two hours long, and it left me wanting more.  But for only 10 bucks or so, that's fine.  The simple controls along with the writing and art style make for a nice, chill experience.
Re: Last game you finished + 4 lines review.
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Re: Last game you finished + 4 lines review.
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Putting down Kurohyou 2 ended up being a mistake as now I lack the motivation to get back into it. So instead, I played...

Yakuza Kiwami

My first proper Yakuza game. I had a lot more fun with it than I did with Kurohyou. Kiryu was a nice protagonist, being such a wholesome dude despite being former yakuza. We need more people like him.

Combat was fun. Liked the style switching and unlocking all the moves/techniques for them. Didn't like that Dragon style progression was locked behind sidequests, but eh. Kind of mixed on boss fights. Some were really fun to do while others were really annoying (that gun guy and the penultimate fight come to mind). Dealing with people surrounding you can also be annoying. Maybe it's because I was playing on Hard.

Outside of combat, there's a lot of side stuff you can do too. RC racing, mahjong, shogi, bowling, karaoke (rhythm game), etc. It's nice having all these options when you don't want to deal with the story at the moment. Speaking of karaoke, the music in the game is pretty great.

Anyway the game is like $20 new since it's a part of the Playstation Hits label (including the prequel too). No reason not to get it.
Re: Last game you finished + 4 lines review.
#2384  October 25, 2018, 04:20:22 am
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The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (JP 1.0)

Initially popped this in to test my SFC and make sure it's working, and once again I sure as hell couldn't put it down. This time in Japanese! and with a few extra glitches/exploits as it's the original release. It was weird playing this without being able to read any dialogue but dammit I loved the ride.

Re: Last game you finished + 4 lines review.
#2385  February 10, 2019, 10:01:16 pm
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Persona 5

I went into this game with no familiarity with the Persona franchise and no expectations as to what it was about or how it would be.  So I had no idea that I would wind up being so completely blown away by it.  This game is simply fantastic on every single level.  The combat is incredibly deep and nuanced, while at the same time still easy to pick up and approachable.  The graphics are great with a very unique and fully realized aesthetic, and the music is amazing.  Rivers in the Desert is one of the hypest boss fight themes I've ever heard.  The story is really well written, and all of the characters are charming and memorable.

If I had to find any sort of fault with this game I would say that the final two palaces weren't as well designed as the rest, and involve a lot of backtracking through mazes, which make the final stretch of the game feel more drawn out than it needed to be.  But honestly that's a very, very minor complaint when compared to how incredible everything else in the game is.

All told, I can say without hyperbole that this is easily one of the best RPGs I've ever played, and may very well be one my new favorite games of all time.  It's seriously that great.  My first playthrough took a full 100 hours, and I'm genuinely considering going straight back in to New Game Plus to do another run to max out all of the Confidants.
Re: Last game you finished + 4 lines review.
#2386  February 11, 2019, 03:14:53 pm
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If I can do multiple games I can. These are all on the X Legacy Collection BTW on PS4

Mega Man X
Its clunky as fuck at the start before you get the dash but I still had fun plus I loved the feeling of power you got once you start getting more Heart Tanks, armour upgrades and boss weapons. Plus the Hadoken is way too much fun to use, too bad its requirements are annoying.

Mega Man X2
Felt slightly better now that you start with the dash, and hunting down the X-hunters and getting Zero's remains isn't too hard as long as you're up to taking on the bosses without the right weapons. The X Buster upgrade is fuckin' sensational tho. A multi hit super charge shot and firing the two charge shots one after another? Now that's the good shit. Then you get the Shoryuken and every boss in front of you basically dies. Plus this game just as great music in general. THAT FIRST X-HUNTER STAGE THEME YO

Mega Man X3
It starts pretty hard unless you try to conservatively use Zero as a crutch and even then its only beneficial to not use him til the very end and only if you killed Vile properly early on so you can get the Saber for X. The X Buster Upgrade is kinda rubbish too even with the nifty spread feature. The bosses were okay up til that dick Kaiser Sigma, then he's just annoying unless you have the Gold Armour. And yeah, the collectable Ride Armours are too situational to give a shit about and once you know about the Gold Armour, the powerup chip stations are something you want to straight up avoid like the fuckin' plague. Ah well, at least there's a romhack that makes Zero properly playable and adds a neat save feature.
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