Basic & Command Basics (Mechanics) (Read 1280 times)

Started by Odb718, April 23, 2016, 11:28:29 pm
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Basic & Command Basics (Mechanics)
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Basic attacks, or Normals, are the simplest attacks to perform in a fighting game. They require one button press either in the air or standing on the ground. Crouching also allows for another set of basic attacks, while holding down. Most games fall into two categories on the number of basic attacks. The games will either have 4 or 6 basic attack sets. Each set can be done in the Air, Standing, or Crouching. For either 12 or 18 normal attacks.
Mortal Kombat and Tekken are two popular games that use 4 basic attacks.
Dark Stalkers and Street Fighter are two series that use the 6 basic attacks layout.
For a more indepth conversation about 4v6 buttons, look at this thread

Command Basics, or Directionals, are the second simplest attacks to perform. They're usually still considered part of the Basic attacks. While Crouching attacks require the player to hold down, they're not considered a command basic. Characters will either have the 12 or 18 basic attacks. Any additional basic attack is usually performed by adding a directional input. While holding back or forward a character will do an alternate attack. Some characters will also change their attack in the air if Up or Down is held.  An example of this would be Ryu in X-Men vs Street Fighter. He has a Collarbone Breaker, F+y, the Hop Kick, F+b, and the air attack, Jumping Side Kick, U+c. Bringing his basic attacks from 18 to 21.

Very few characters will have a double button basic attack. Usually x+a, y+b, or z+c. These are usually used for Dodging, Powering up, Rolling, or other styles of moves. Street Fighter IV's Focus attack, y+b, would be an example of a double button attack, but it isnt considered a basic because it has additional properties.

Some games will also use a command basic to become a Laucher. Usually it's DF+z or DF+c. Some characters will have a standing directional launcher at B+y. IT varies from character to character. Some can have two in the case of Hyo from Rival Schools with both a punch and a kick.

Basic and Command attacks are the building blocks of all fighting games. Air/Chain combos and Custom combos rely heavily on the basic and command basic attacks.

When coding the Command Basic you need to have the more complex code above the simple code. Otherwise it won't register. The simple code is active so it will activate before the complex code.
This would be an example for Ryu's Hop-over Kick and regular Standing Medium Kick.
[State -1, B+Forward]
type = ChangeState
value = 245
triggerall = (Command = "fwd+b") && (Command != "holddown")
trigger1 = (StateType = S) && (Ctrl) 
[State -1, B - Medium Kick]
type = ChangeState
value = 240
triggerall = command = "b"
triggerall = command != "holddown"
trigger1 = (StateType = S) && (Ctrl)
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