Knockdown attack (Mechanics) (Read 955 times)

Started by Ricepigeon, April 28, 2016, 03:53:26 pm
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Knockdown attack (Mechanics)
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Knockdown attacks, as the name implies, are any attack that "knocks down" the opponent when hit, causing them to go into a lying down state, in where they are unable to act until they get back up from the ground. In most fighting games, two types of Knockdowns exist; Soft Knockdowns and Hard Knockdowns.

Soft Knockdowns, also known as Techable Knockdowns, are knockdowns in where the player can recover faster by pressing buttons, a technique known as "Quick Stand" in some games.

Hard Knockdowns, also known as Untechable Knockdowns, are knockdowns in where the player is unable to recovery faster via Quick Stand. These types of knockdowns are usually reserved for throws, command grabs, supers/hypers, and sweeping kicks.

In MUGEN, both types of Knockdowns can be defined in a player's Hitdef controller using the "fall" parameter and its associated parameters. Knockdowns can also be caused by the use of custom states, which has the benefit of giving more control over how Soft and Hard Knockdowns are implemented on a character.

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