Moves transfer (Read 164 times)

Started by allthis619, October 22, 2019, 08:07:28 am
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Moves transfer
#1  October 22, 2019, 08:07:28 am
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I have 2 date masamunes one has awesome hypers and specials but the other one has awesome combo attacks how do I take the combos from the original normal one to this new one masamune or would it be easier to take the hyper masamune and give him those Attacks they both are the same characters so I would hope it afresh easy
Re: Moves transfer
#2  November 02, 2019, 04:59:15 pm
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Taking the Ultra moves from the one and putting it into the one with combos would be easiest.

It wont be super easy. But it's one of the easier things to do.
You have to make the input for the move in the CMD. Then you use that input command to make the changestate.

You will need to TRANSCRIBE the states that are used for the ultra moves. The animation for the character wont work. You'll need to build the animation in the AIR file, or import the sprites used for it. More than likely importing the sprites wont look correct. But you can import the sprites and animation easy inside Fighter factory 3. Then use "Onion Skin" to replace the bad sprites with the matching ones you have.

Once you have the character animation, you need the FX and their animations. You should be able to import these with no problem. They wont have to have the exact same palette as the character, so it'll be easier.

Last comes the sound. Use FF3 to export from one character, then import back into the good one. Make sure the sound numbers arent being used by a previous sound effect.
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