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Started by Odb718, May 12, 2016, 09:38:00 pm
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Run & Dash & Air Dash (Mechanics)
#1  May 12, 2016, 09:38:00 pm
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Running and Dashing are used to close, or widen, the distances between fighters fast. It's a good way to Zone an opponent. Air dashes can also be used to change directions mid-jump. This can help avoid projectiles or other attacks.
Both Running and Dashing usually don't allow Auto-Turning, and don't allow control. Some characters after an Air-Dash will return to a falling state with control. Even fewer will turn to look at the enemy in that fall state.

Running allows the player to stop at any point. Running is usually activated by pressing F,F, or B,B, and you hold the controller in the direction. Once the controller is let go, the run ends. This allows for greater control than Dashing. P2 will also not be able to judge exactly where the end point will be, because it can change. Some characters will also perform unique attacks only during the Running state. Because Forward has to be held, it's usually just a basic command.

Dashing, once the command is input, the character doesn't stop until the end point. It's usually activated the same as Running, by F,F, or B,B. Once the command is input holding forward or backward isn't required. This will allow you to input moves with a Buffer easier. At the same time, it makes it obvious where you'll stop moving. If it looks like the Player is running, but doesn't stop regardless of the commands, it's considered a dash.
Some characters will use PlayerPush during the Dash. This will allow P1 to get behind P2.
Some Dash-Backs will make the player unable to be hit for the first few frames.
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Re: Run & Dash & Air Dash (Mechanics)
#2  May 13, 2016, 11:39:51 pm
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  • Air dashing requires you to wait a moment after a jump before it can be executed, effectively requiring your character to be at a certain height in it's jump before you can air dash. However, if you jump and let your character fall, it is possible to air dash below this height.
  • While you can attack when air dashing, you will not be able to block until it ends.