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Started by Ricepigeon, May 12, 2016, 05:14:45 pm
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Throw (Mechanics)
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Throws are a type of attack found in many fighting games as a universal mechanic. Their main purpose is for both repositioning and punishing opponents for excessive blocking. While certain characters posses unique Command Grabs, most games include throws for the entire cast as a universal mechanic, with each character possessing a forward throw and a backward throw. Throws have certain properties that make them unique from regular attacks;

  • Throws are unblockable.
  • Grounded Throws cannot hit airborne opponents, while Air Throws cannot hit grounded opponents.
  • In general, throws cannot hit opponents that are in hitstun or blockstun, thus preventing them from being comboed into. Certain games make exception to this rule.
  • Throws can be escaped in most games by executing a throw command at almost the exact moment they are hit by the throw. Does not apply to Command Grabs.
  • Throws almost always cause Untechable Knockdown (Hard Knockdown)

In MUGEN, Throws can be defined in the attack's HitDef controller using the NT, AT, or HT attributes. In order to properly code a throw, knowing how to utilize custom states is required. It is strongly recommended to use the TargetState controller instead of the Hitdef's p2stateno parameter in order to prevent certain hit-related bugs from occurring.
Re: Throw (Mechanics)
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Do a tutorial on the Touhou HM/UNiL's knocked out one?