Mugen 1.1 shuts down even with 4GB patch (Read 749 times)

Started by argyone, May 19, 2018, 04:57:46 pm
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Mugen 1.1 shuts down even with 4GB patch
#1  May 19, 2018, 04:57:46 pm
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 so after installing the 4GB patch my mugen shuts down when i reach 4Gb ram usage, right ?
im mainly intrested when mugen free's the cache, because sometimes i can play for about half an hour without a crash, using the same stages as in another run, and then it shuts down after only 2 matches using the exact same stages and chars...

mugen crash log says its because pre-cached players are full and failed to free player cache.
i use mainly hi-res stages, but not the heavy ones like JeanB's stages with hundrets of MB size.
most of the stages I use have about 10-20 Mbs and most demanding ones have about 50MB.

i have 45 Stages and 49 chars (all from infinite SvK style) with a pretty demanding Screenpack from Ralfab (CVS3)

also i use a selfmade sweetfx and OpenGL.

My PC specs :

gtx960 2 GB strix edition
AMD FX 6300 six-core
16 GB Ram

and my Mugen.cfg file configs under "misc" section
_________________________________________________ _______________________

  ;Number of extra players to cache in memory.
  ;Set to a lower number to decrease memory usage, at cost of
  ;more frequent loading.
PlayerCache = 4

  ;Set to 1 to allow precaching. Precaching attempts to start loading
  ;player data as early as possible, to reduce apparent loading times
  ;between matches. To get the best performance, set PlayerCache to at
  ;least 1. The optimal number for PlayerCache is 4 when precaching is
  ;Precaching is disabled when Rendermode=OpenGL.
Precache = 1

  ;Set to 1 to enable large-buffer reads of sprite and sound data.
  ;Set to 0 (off) to decrease memory usage, at cost of slower
BufferedRead = 1

  ;Set to 1 to free system.def data from memory whenever possible.
  ;This decreases memory usage, in exchange for loading time
  ;before system screens.
UnloadSystem = 0

so my main question is : when is the player cache erased and why can i sometimes play without a crash and sometimes it shuts down after 2 battles?
any advice what i can do to make my game more stable?

thx in advance and have a nice weekend :)

ps : i know i could set unload system to =1, but then it takes ages to load so if this is somehow avoidable it would be nice.
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