PSMPlay (0.3a version) (Read 5937 times)

Started by #Shaun, October 23, 2007, 05:42:10 pm
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PSMPlay (0.3a version)
New #1  October 23, 2007, 05:42:10 pm
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With PSound as a close second, PSMplay is hands down the best program to use to hack images/videos/music/sfxfrom a PS1 game. I have the beta version though (PSmplay04_0612) which can't handle .SEQ files and, well, all-around unstable. I wish I never got rid of the 0.3 ver.

Segu's link of the 0.3a release is dead and just about every other webpage I've checked is dead (been searching for almost an hour now). Anybody got this prog or know of a site that still has it for download? Let me know please!

EHHHH....found it. I should've been more paitent.   :-\

Oh well, I'll at least share the file with you, so this topic can at least be of some help (incase you're wanting to rip stuff from PS1 games)
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