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Started by "Bad News" Hoffmann, November 13, 2013, 09:09:38 am
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Re: Mugen Character Funding
#101  November 17, 2013, 02:32:02 pm
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That post is way too unnecessarily hostile. I know you have history with GBK but you can still talk to him on a more respectable manner.
Re: Mugen Character Funding
#102  November 17, 2013, 02:47:43 pm
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^^ what pusha2 wrote.

I just can't stay silent, reading your posts. You guys don't have experience with funding something together. You talk about possible problems, about how important or not important it is that someone agrees or not. Let me give you guys another short wave of hints how it can be done.

Make one thread with the first post being for suggested characters someone funded already.
It could look like

Currently in the pot and available:
15 dollars by Germanbaraka sent on the 17th November - mentioned they can be used for any character
50 dollars by Iced, sent on the 17th November - mentioned they are only for KOF characters suggested by others
10 dollars by Tiltin sent on the 17th November - available for any characters commissioned to spriter baltseancvsfel666

Darth Vader - suggested by MFGUser666 and funded with 30 dollars to the Crowdfunding PayPal account on November 17
funded also by
mfguser456 with 20 dollars on November 18
mfguser209 with 70 dollars on november 20
looking for a spriter who is interested to create darth vader and can estimate how expensive the spriting would be

That example is not flawless and only possible if there would be a pool of spriters and - if needed - coders who are interested in taking such commissions. Also needed would be that the funding people are agreeing that a middleman does the talk with the artists. It would be like on a marketplace where the best offer gets the funding. The initial target of the crowdfuning would be to get characters or other mugen related developments done which would not be made in the foreseeable future without commissioning someone. They are not there to support someone who wanted to make character x anyway. they are commissioned work.

The benefit would be there to the whole mugen community which could get more characters based on new sprites, funded by the mugen community itself. I am sure there are a lot of coders here on mfg who would love to work on those characters and also people who could create the additional soundeffects, voices and what else is needed to develope a complete character.

im sorry gbk but you are the one without experience in funding coding/spriting projects, it doesnt really work that way, you are assuming there would be people willing to code and sprite if a bounty is put out there, when you forget that the person you get to do the bounty might not be able to do it, or willing to actually finish it.
You cant also setup rules on what people should aim or have a initial target for, thats their money and taste speaking, not rules you can set up straight out of the door.
Just tomorrow someone might crowdfund for pots to finish Demitri, and a lot of people might want that to happen, but that doesnt mean its a wrong thing to do because its not a original character or that anyone will be able to find Pots to do it.

In these coding spriting projects it should work like this

Gbk says " I Found a spriter willing to do Roshi for 300 bucks, I have put 20 bucks in myself, who else wants to tag in?"
Instead of "I have 20 bucks in for a roshi." Because then the ceiling is absurd and most people that at first would pitch in 20 30 bucks will get tired of waiting. It could theoretically never get made, but imagine it has a 300 bounty, a spriter shows up, and suddenly half the people that claimed it are no longer interested because it took too long or they dont like that specific spriter, or maybe they drank too much that month and need the money for bills, whatever.
Re: Mugen Character Funding
#103  November 17, 2013, 11:08:42 pm
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  • I see you.

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I was expecting another mk chars in chicken suits reference, I am dissapoint Iced.
You'll fix chuchoryu ? Sounds like a plan. How about you code him from scratch instead ?
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