Bonus Stage: Match Game? (Read 2507 times)

Started by Carmell, May 11, 2019, 02:46:47 am
Bonus Stage: Match Game?
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Has anyone ever considered making a memory match game bonus stage for Mugen?

You know, kinda like the minigame in Super Mario Bros 3 where you try to flip panels making matches?

I was thinking the basic idea for this would be 3 rows of 4 or 4 rows of 4 panels you could attack to flip.

Maybe as the stage starts the pictures arent hidden for a second so youre not completely blind when you begin and you get 3 mistakes before failing.

If anyone could implement the functionality of this I'd probably be willing to do the spritework.

Maybe I could do the 108 Stars of Destiny from Suikoden 1 as a start.

That's all. Just an idea Im interested in.
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