Move ideas for Daisy. (Read 1289 times)

Started by RedDragonCats17, August 21, 2019, 11:29:31 pm
Move ideas for Daisy.
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Okay, I've asked this on the Discord server, but I decided to ask here since it's possible that this has a much bigger audience than the Discord.

Inktrebuchet gave me the suggestion of adding a tennis racket move, so I'm curious on what your suggestions are. Currently I have the Super Ball from Mario Land, a Shoryuken-like uppercut, and a butt attack like Peach in Smash Bros for special moves. For supers I have a dash punch, and the Crystal Smash from the Strikers. I am considering to add the Torpedo Strike and something related to Daisy's crystal form. I want to go for moves that fit Daisy's personality and are related to the games she is in.


I guess I'll just show you her reference sheets just because.

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