YYH Tokubetsu-Hen similar game with MUGEN-like resources (Read 1331 times)

Started by M.Phantom, September 18, 2018, 01:23:57 am
YYH Tokubetsu-Hen similar game with MUGEN-like resources
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This is more of a concept in my head than a solid project, but I would like to discuss something with you guys.

I had this idea that is to create a mIRC game based on the awesome SNES game, Yu Yu Hakusho Tokubetsu-hen in which it would be possible to have an endless number of characters just like MUGEN. For those that don't know or don't remember this game I'm talking about, this video here is a great introduction to it:

What I want to do is take the concept of that game and create an alternative online multiplayer version of it, where actual sprites from different games could be used on. I think that could be a lot of fun! Maybe this can illustrate better:

This is a very rough draft I made just to try helping in the explanation. It's badly upscaled and the video quality is messed up, but I guess it helps visualize a traditional fighting game sprite being used for that purpose.

The possibilities are endless, fun game mechanics and many characters to choose from with great special moves. The palette system could be somewhat ported to mIRC, there can be levels, chat, automated fight narration... I even tought of up to 4 players fights. There's a lot of room for improvement!

I'm not trying to build something competitive here, just for playing and having some good old fun!

A quick Q&A

This is not MUGEN. Why here?

This was the first place that came to mind for old school gaming, I've always loved MUGEN and would be great if I could make a bridge between MUGEN and this project.

Why mIRC Scripting? Isn't old and outdated?

It was my first programming language, I'm not even sure if it's capable of running such game performance wise, but if it's, then it will be a lot easier setting online multiplayer there. Also would be fun to see people back playing games in a IRC channel. Maybe it's just the nostalgia talking, but even so I would like take on this challenge.

Still, wouldn't it be better off as a browser game?

Yeah, probably. But setting up a website and server for it isn't that simple and has several other headaches I would like to avoid. Besides, the amazing HDBZ showed the world that MUGEN still had potential. Why not try?

Why post about it?

I'd like to hear people opinions about it. Would be great if we could brainstorm about this and actually make something out of this idea.

Besides I'll need all kinds of help with game mechanics and design, so if anyone want to help, please let me know!

After all, this is still just an idea that I'd like to discuss with fellow old game lovers.

So... what do you guys think?