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Started by Hoshi, April 21, 2010, 09:51:37 pm
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There is no single rendition of blanka in 3D that looks good...  but the plush costume
That’s when I thought, “good grief”
Just ain’t my belief
Until I saw the holes
Inside his hand


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Sabockee, these CvS sprites look awesome! Amazing work
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With all her design changes both gameplay and aesthetics they should have just introduced her as Roxy.
SILVER said:
Saberblade, you're so full of yourself. Your quotes in your signature are like a self circle jerk. Its sad that you put so much emphasis on what the stupid members here say.
Tuxedo Biccy said:
You shut your mouth, Sarblade, we can have truth and facts interrupting our dystopia fanfics. :P