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Started by CSGames, May 16, 2017, 12:26:11 pm
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Fighter Creator 4 - Released
#1  May 16, 2017, 12:26:11 pm
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A powerful, point and click fighting game creation engine designed to make creating complex fighting games much easier. Fighter Creator has specifically been built to be completely accessible through an easy to use editor without losing power or flexibility.


Years of work perfected, Fighter Creator 4 makes drastic improvements on every aspect of its predecessors. Laying down a solid foundation in which can be further expanded on in a multitude of ways :

Speed & Stability

Fighter Creator 4 is significantly faster and much more stable than the previous releases. New ideas have enabled the engine to process data more efficiently while, at the same time, having fewer potential issues.

Window Mode

Fighter Creator now runs in window mode, allowing the Editor Window to be resized horizontally for now.

Panel Scaling

Individual panels in the Editor Window can be resized or completely hidden to quickly see what's more important.

Built-In Help System

Engine examples are now accessed within the Editor and can completely guide you through the creation process. User created examples and the User Manual will be supported soon.


There is no other Game Editor that looks and animates the way Fighter Creator does. With a simple, clean, and personalized design you will most definitely enjoy working with :

Custom Backgrounds For Projects & Resources

Custom Editor Colors


Fighter Creator provides a series of tools to build your game piece by piece :

Media Management

Import sprites, audio, and videos, or rip sprites from sprite sheets in the editor for use in your projects.
Supported Image Formats  -  PNG, BMP, JPG, DDS, TGA
Supported Audio Formats  -  OGG, FLAC, WAV, MP3, AIFF
Supported Video Formats  -  AVI, MOV, QT, MPG

Data Management

Variables are used for storing and retrieving data needed to develop game systems.

Whether you are building a stage, designing a cinematic, or setting up a special effect, objects are used to display any sprites on screen.

Script Management

Scripts add functionality to every aspect of your games. Loading/Unloading resources, creating attacks for characters, and configuring game modes all require scripts to make possible.

Predefined Scripts can also be created to work as a template for creating an additional set of scripts, drastically speeding up the process.

Menu Editor

Design your own title screens, character/stage selection screens, heads up displays, and whatever else you may need for your game.

Stage Editor

Create large, multi-layered stages for players to fight in. Add hazards, destructible objects, secret areas, and more.

Cinematic & Special Effect Editor

Setup scripted events to display intros and outros for your characters or progress your game's story.
Easily create amazing, detailed explosions that can damage other players or trigger special stage events.

Save File System

Allows your games to save data so that you could add support for features like unlockable characters and story modes.


4K Ultra HD

Fighter Creator can scale up or down to any 16:9 display resolution, meaning you can focus on building your games and be assured it will look just they way you want it to at 720p to 4K. You can also setup your games to use different assets depending on the selected resolution.

Detailed Image Manipulation

Upscale your game's sprites to higher resolutions without adding unnecessary artifacts and pixilation :

You can also change the look of these sprites by using an extensive set of image filters :

Post Processing

Color Grading and Bloom effects allow you to dramatically alter the way your games looks in real-time :


3D Support

Fighter Creator will have support for full 3D games or mixed 2/3D giving you plenty of options to choose from when making a new game.

Online Multiplayer

Peer to Peer online play will be supported, as well as support for matchmaking, tournaments, and dedicated servers.



Before purchasing any edition of Fighter Creator, make sure you download the demo first to see if the program will even work on your computer.

Standard Edition  -  $10.00  -  Removes all of the restrictions in the demo version and, will allow you to redistribute your work freely for non-commercial use.

Commercial Edition  -  $20.00  -  Removes all of the restrictions in the demo version and, will allow you to redistribute your work freely for commercial use.

Allow At Least 24 Hours To Receive Your Download Link
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Re: Fighter Creator 4 - Released
#2  May 16, 2017, 03:58:04 pm
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Welp, I decided to test demo of this program out...
Here is the only feedback I've got for now:
Add resolution's change, I can't see a thing with these microscopic letters, so I can't just use this program. And no, I found nothing in the settings to deal with this problem...
Re: Fighter Creator 4 - Released
#3  May 18, 2017, 05:44:45 am
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Alright, working on a quick fix for this.
Re: Fighter Creator 4 - Released
#4  July 28, 2017, 06:06:02 pm
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Hello, couldn't get it runing on win 7x64, maybe I missed something regarding compatibility/sys requeriments?
Re: Fighter Creator 4 - Released
#5  July 28, 2017, 06:11:19 pm
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Are you receiving an error message? If not, try downloading DirectX 9.0c June 2010.
Re: Fighter Creator 4 - Released
#6  July 28, 2017, 08:09:23 pm
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Put the demo in a zip, windows phones cant download it since its a .msi file
It says my phone doesn't support the file type.
Re: Fighter Creator 4 - Released
#7  July 29, 2017, 04:39:20 am
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Are you receiving an error message? If not, try downloading DirectX 9.0c June 2010.

uninstalled fc, installed that dir x build, restarted, installed fc and I still get this

Re: Fighter Creator 4 - Released
#8  July 29, 2017, 08:19:05 am
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Re: Fighter Creator 4 - Released
#9  July 29, 2017, 11:54:14 am
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Ill try it again, I just mention it because 90% of the time my windows phone is where I how I get downloads