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Title: Gameplay showcase ( 20 +Videos and full layout)
Post by: Neocide on January 10, 2013, 03:00:37 am
Thought I'd make a thread for this, I dunno how many have looked at my channel but here is a rundown of the system and videos for each thing I explain to show it at work.

                                    Basic Layout

X- Light Attack        Y- Heavy Attack    Z- Launcher Attack

A- Charge            B- Ki (rapidly tap for renzoku)             C- Speed

Standing Light attack and Heavy Attack initially can be chained into itself four times. Some characters might get an extra hit.

Crouching Light And Heavy Attack Are one atm, but depending on the character can be up to 2 for Light and 2 for Hard And one for launcher which will send the player upward. You can juggle crouch attacks into standing if timed right.

C. Light


C. Launcher

Crouching attacks will chain into one another as well.

They also link with one another and the combinations vary from your timing of chaining from one attack to the next. for instance,
 You can do X,X,Y,Y,Y. or you can do X,X,X,Y,Y,Y etc.

They also link with the Launcher attack which will end your basic stand combo (since it'll send the opponent away) The combinations are completely up to the player to pull off.

Holding Back with light will only allow you to do two hits into itself when close. basically back X,X. But you can link them with hard attacks to keep the combo going. Holding back with the Heavy button will start the Stun attack, which can lead to burst attacks, Which I'll get into in the Extended Layout.

Jump attacks atm the moment are one for each Light Heavy and Hard Button. Light and Heavy attacks may vary depending on character. At most 2 for each.

J. Light

J. Heavy

J. Launcher(knockdown)

Simple Ground to air Combo

as you can probably tell from here, this part of the system is a lot like MVC3. basically the system is like that on steroids. If you didn't like that system I dunno if you'll overly like this one but there are more elements to it that makes it deeper.

                                     Extended Layout

The Ki button(B) is generally used for all ki based moves. On a simple tap it fires a ki shot rapidly tapping will give you quicker shots aka renzoku energy dan. You can Also do them in the air. They do have a combo limiter of 7 though so to not be abused. and they take 100-200 power to do, I can't remember entirely. They also can be chained from Light and Heavy attacks as well as speed Ki blast and the Level one beam super.
The Ki blast is done with QCF and the ki button it can be charged to do more damage. And the Level One super beam is done with HCF plus the ki button, this is a universal super everyone will have, and at some point beam struggle/collision will be added to it.

Ki shot
Ki Blast
Level one Super Beam

The Speed button (C) is basically Zanzoken, it takes 250(?) power to do, its main use is for extending your combos. As you can link one chain with another using the speed button at the right time. It's also offensive with QCF(QCB too after the initial first hit) plus speed button to do zanzoken attacks, you can do up to 3. And after a burst attack or smash attack it's used to initiate pursuit attacks.

Zanzoken Chain Link

Zanzoken Attacks

The Power up button(A) is pretty self explanatory, It's used to power up I can't think of a secondary use of it. if anyone has any ideas I'm all ears.

Burst Evade works like rolls in KoF (in this case 2k2's) you use a+x to initiate. you also can do it in the air (debating taking that out) you can
also cancel out of a combo with it (cost 1000 to do) you can also initiate pursuit attacks from it.

Pursuits can be initiated by two different ways; One is during Burst Evade, During BE, Tap z to initiate a burst attack, then tap speed button (C) up to 3 times to follow the opponent with pursuit attacks.These cost 500 to do a piece. The second way to initiate Pursuit attacks is during a stun attack; A stun attack is done while holding Back and b, Then hitting the launcher button (c) after the stun hit, followed by the speed button(C) up to 3 times. these can be done during a basic combo to create some pretty nifty combos.

Burst Evade Pursuit initiate

Stun attack Pursuit Initiate

                                        Specials,Supers and EX Variation Layout

This part of the layout will not have videos, as this will mainly be character specific and I have yet to work it in completely
After a long discussion with Cyanide and Iced I came up with the following

Specials for Light Heavy and Launcher buttons will play out as Lo, High, Launch. These will be physical attacks. with commands along the lines of QCF, QCB, HCB, HCF, DP and charged varying from character to character. each character will have about 4-5 physical specials.

The Ki button will get 1 or 2 specials, since QCF + ki  and HCF ki are universal special and super respectively they'll have a Signature QCB + ki special and some will also have a charged or air version special.

The power up button will not get any type of special atm because I can't think of a way to use it useful. And speed already has zanzoken attacks which is more than enough.

Supers other than the Universal beam super will have a QCF\QCB x2 command or a kof Dm command layout (QCF,QCB etc.) All characters will have physical and ki based supers, and some will might have a speed based super.

And finally, the EX variations. These work like a ex move where it cost power to do, but in this case you get two variations of Ex specials one for speed and one for Ki. for instance, you do the command QCF,x+b this would allow your low ranged physical special to have a energy based variant. Lets say its a slide kick for the normal version the ex variation would add an energy element to it, say, after the slide kick there would be a follow up blast.

If you do this same move with the speed button (QCF x+c) you would do a slide kick, then teleport above your opponent and knock them down. These are just examples for now, but hopefully it's understandable.

Phew, I think that's it. I hope this was informative and allows people to help me brainstorm some of this stuff out with ideas!

finally here's some videos of some advanced combos that MaJiTa did, (he worked on this lovely base with me) Just to show you how much variety there is to the system. While it seems simple it can be very complex.

Title: Re: Gameplay showcase ( 20 +Videos and full layout)
Post by: Cybaster on January 10, 2013, 11:54:22 am
Very nice and lenghty explanation.

Looks awesome and creative, and it's nice to see players will be able to get creative too. :)
Will heavier characters (Fat Buu, C16) get other type of commands with grabs or such (2*hcb - 360 - 720 - charge B,F,B,F) to differentiate them more ?
 These x+b / x+c combinations to power-up are not really my cup of tea in terms of ease to perform, but oh well.

Rest is really well thought through and your template seems to be solid enough to pump out these chars fast now. ;P

Good luck!
Title: Re: Gameplay showcase ( 20 +Videos and full layout)
Post by: Ax on January 10, 2013, 12:09:02 pm
I declare this to be the best DBZ mugen EVER!!!!!!

The sprite style of U22 matches the series and rightfully so. I really love this mugen game, please, oh please!!!!!! Upload them somewhere, entrust every alpha version to a trustworthy friend, back them up in a flash drive, and upload the spritesheet to an image host album. This work must be preserved in every way possible. For god's sake don't let the project end with a computer failure or accidental PC damage!

Also I would like to offer some of my ideas.

Why not try for an accurate special fxs to the series? Like maybe try and find some way to make the fxs look more like DBZ instead of CvS2? Maybe  someone can help you replace that stuff with hand crafted pixel by pixel animations?

Like find a way to get this kind of Aura, if possible.


Title: Re: Gameplay showcase ( 20 +Videos and full layout)
Post by: misterr07 on January 10, 2013, 12:10:13 pm
nice and very impressive work...
good luck for the continuation
Title: Re: Gameplay showcase ( 20 +Videos and full layout)
Post by: Ax on January 10, 2013, 09:28:09 pm
I forgot about this, but

The energy blast attacks look like this


Maybe not every single energy attack needs to be transparent?

Also a BG splash screen could be used for the added effects of the tv series, and maybe a custom sprite animation of the attacks color reflection? Goku himself looks blue in color when he fires his KaMeHaMeHa.
Title: Re: Gameplay showcase ( 20 +Videos and full layout)
Post by: Neocide on January 10, 2013, 11:46:52 pm
all that is cool and whatnot, but finding someone to make these sort of effects and actually adding them are two different and difficult things to do. Unless you know someone personally who will help, I'm not going to spend too much time worrying about this sort of thing.

I've already thought about this. When I planned to change the aura flames.

also if you notice in vegeta's galick ho, the screen changes color.

also most of the effects in the game was done by MaJita who mimicked the budokai game effects.
Title: Re: Gameplay showcase ( 20 +Videos and full layout)
Post by: Ax on January 11, 2013, 03:40:30 am
Perhaps I could do an experiment? Maybe I can replicate the animation? I'll post a video if I can successfully do this?

I have had some luck doing a little scratch work before so maybe this could be possible, the only hard part will be to make it blend somehow into the right appearance?
Title: Re: Gameplay showcase ( 20 +Videos and full layout)
Post by: Neocide on January 11, 2013, 03:49:35 am
sure give it a go.
Title: Re: Gameplay showcase ( 20 +Videos and full layout)
Post by: Ax on January 11, 2013, 04:17:24 am
Okay, here is a rough "sketch"


Used a anime screen-cap for reference.

The energy wave seems to have a gradient layer of shades. The scratchy bits need to be refined a little more, I'll try and make it "grow" from small to big and give it a pulsing flow animation so it looks like it's shooting out while also moving from left to right.

Then I'll try a demo on a video to see if it looks decent for Vegeta in mugen.

Title: Re: Gameplay showcase ( 20 +Videos and full layout)
Post by: Neocide on January 11, 2013, 04:43:47 am
you might as well start from sb2 effects and work from there. That needs a lot of work to even look okay in mugen imo.
Title: Re: Gameplay showcase ( 20 +Videos and full layout)
Post by: Ax on January 12, 2013, 01:28:34 am
Okay, I used the sb2 sprite and did the color thing from the show.


I think the spiky bits need some darkening?

In all I think it's about 5-6 colors. If cell can have a glowing animation and the BG flashing, it may be close to the show's fxs.

Though I am not sure if it's good now though?

If it looks good, I'll animate into the growing and pulsing thing.
Title: Re: Gameplay showcase ( 20 +Videos and full layout)
Post by: Neocide on January 12, 2013, 01:55:48 am
You're sorta on the right track, but for these type of effects to work, you need to be good with a flash program.
As the effect for an aura I have, are very much like the show, it's pretty simple looking but has some dark edges through flash that make it work.


Title: Re: Gameplay showcase ( 20 +Videos and full layout)
Post by: Shiruzato on August 24, 2013, 01:56:59 am
Is this still being developed? Because it shows great promise and I was really excited upon discovering it... only to find that the last updated thread was seven months ago and that almost everything else has lied dormant for at least 2 years.
Title: Re: Gameplay showcase ( 20 +Videos and full layout)
Post by: Neocide on August 24, 2013, 02:04:17 am
you obviously looked at the wrong thread, as I update the progress thread almost every other day or so. It is very much active.
Title: Re: Gameplay showcase ( 20 +Videos and full layout)
Post by: kakabot on August 24, 2013, 02:04:57 am
He just released SSJ Goku you should try it out its awesome.