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Title: System and suggestion
Post by: teddylam on February 26, 2014, 11:37:40 pm
Iron Muscle Bomber is a fullgame on mugen 1.1, it uses zooms, scalable AI and has unique features (ground fighting, interactive stages ...). Like I love wrestling games and Capcom and SNK, I  wanted to do a CVS project with a feeling of Slam Master (Muscle Bomber) game. The story is important and mature (yes, important even for a fighting game)  :laugh: , many things will happen and some heroes will fall (poor Ken, see the intro and you will learn why  :devilish:).

The game will be with a SF/CVS style with some elements from Fatal Fury. We will have:
-super jump   -roll/dodge    -running    -grab system    -ground fighting    -power charge

We will have 5 styles of fighters:
-Wrestler: they can chain throws wich damage life and power meter, you can evade between each throws but it'll cost power. The complete chain will put you in a bad state when they will chain top rope. They can lock up with wrestlers (all the other will loose is they try to throw at the same thime.
-MMA: they have throws to go on the ground and can chain on the ground (moderate damage and great damage on power meter). You can evade like in Tekken (if P2 use punch and you press punch, you will evade ...). The complete chain will put you in a bad state where they will chain top rope.
-Stricker: they can chain normals like in CVS. Some difficult chain can put you in dizzy state.
-Vicious: we will see when Cody / Poison will come (but they will use weapons).  :knife:
-Special: they can cancel specials and super, but less damage than the others class, they can have tools from other class but less good. In general, special class will be boss or mid boss.

Some fighters can have a mixed style, for exemple Alex is Wrestler(70%)/MMA(30%), so he will be balanced to have tools from the 2 styles but he will have less possibilities in Wrestling than Zangief (100% Wrestler) or in MMA than Gaï (100% MMA).

On some stages, we have acces to specific moves (on a ring we have top rope ...).
Title: Re: System
Post by: teddylam on April 09, 2014, 08:02:22 am
Some changes on the system and the screenpack will be done, the sparks will be in the fight.def and I'll change them for Fatal Fury's.

Change about the game:
-I'll remove the dodge and keep the forward roll. Dodge can be done for some fighters has a special (like Terry in Blue Mary style).
-the throw system will change, only "wrestler" can chain the trows with damages on life.
-ground system chaining only by "mma fighters", moderate damage on life and more on power.
-normals chaining only by "strikers"
-supers at power=1000 and 2000, hyper at power=3000 no need to have life at 300, but under 300 you have can always do supers without power bar
-you can cancel normals into specials with 200 power
-For replacing the dodge, I'll do a lane system like in Fatal Fury Real Bout.

Terry will be the first to have all the system, I'll update Alex and the other after, will take some time.
Title: Re: System
Post by: teddylam on May 07, 2014, 03:22:17 pm
-I will add for each character a "Rival" in the game: they will have some connexions in the story and when they fight in the story mode they will start with 1000 power.

-Each character will have a "signature" move: it's a super that don't need power to be used when your life is low (for exemple Terry's power geyser).

-For the ground fighting, it will work like in Tekken: you press Punch or Kick to chain differents hitting, if the 2 players press the same button, then P2 will evade. Some characters can chain throws or locks too and you will need to do D,DF,F + P or  D, DB ,B + P.
Same thing for the throw system.
Title: Re: System
Post by: teddylam on July 07, 2014, 09:31:48 pm
So I work on Krauser and I come to some new ideas about the system:

       -Specials will work with the amont of power you have like in Art of Fighting:
For example, all fire ball will cost 300 power so you can't spam them and they will be used more with tactic. Some specials like Terry's burn Knuckle won't have energy on them if you are under 500 Power and do less damage, but upper 500 the energy on it can destroy projectiles and do a 2nd hit with your punch (easier to break some super armor or protect you against counter like Hugo's).
Now you can chain them even if they are blocked, the striker styles will be more effectives like that.

At the end I think the game will become a "CVS" game but based on Art of Fighting, Slam Masters and Fatal Fury Real Bout more than King of Fighter.