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Title: Hotaru Futaba by Nep Heart
Post by: Nep Heart on January 01, 2019, 11:58:11 pm
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 The graceful and gentle Hotaru makes her way into MUGEN seeking to reunite her family, but this time in a completely custom gameplay style! However, she still retains the essence of her King of Fighters XI/Neo Geo Battle Colosseum incarnations right down to the intricate stance system. Hotaru may be a higher execution character compared to my previous characters relatively speaking, but that doesn't mean she isn't any fun to use either.

 This is my new year present to all of you MUGEN players.!AvDqTmHZ37DihnRWmPv0CiuUrA4j

 All previous characters made by me have been updated significantly, so, definitely get them now that they have all been noticeably improved.

All characters

- Improved jump buffering.
- Improved Burst buffering, bursting should be made more reliable now compared to before where it would fail in many custom state instances.
- All grounded normals can be canceled on hit against aerial opponents, making them safer to use and better for punishing.
- Many aesthetic improvements for both FX and SFX.
- All characters are capable of wall teching much like how they have an air and ground tech.

Sayaka Miki

- Tweaked damage scaling on Affetuoso, it should do slightly more damage at the end of combos now.
- Slightly increased her juggling.
- Fixed a bug on 6y that caused MUGEN to randomly crash.
- Now capable of wall jumping, increasing her mobility options.

Hieda no Akyuu

-A list long enough that it's just easier to say that most of the things pointed out by RicePigeon in her respective thread has been addressed.

Homura Akemi

- Decreased her juggling.
- Tweaked damage scaling.
- Fixed a bug for Rebellion that occasionally caused the cutscene to fail to play even on hit.
- Slightly reduced her j.2z's OTG set-ups at higher combo hits.
Title: Re: Hotaru Futaba by Nep Heart
Post by: Shironeko on January 02, 2019, 12:23:28 am
Yes! Nice to see Hotaru finished and your others got updates. Your quickly becoming one of my favorite creators. Keep up the amazing work Nep-chan <3
Title: Re: Hotaru Futaba by Nep Heart
Post by: Nep Heart on January 02, 2019, 10:16:47 am
 Thanks, I definitely had fun reinventing Hotaru's playstyle into something custom.

 Also, I forgot to mention a few details in my opening post concerning wall jumps and teching. Adding those now.
Title: Re: Hotaru Futaba by Nep Heart
Post by: Nep Heart on January 03, 2019, 07:48:34 am
 Made a small update for Hotaru just now, fixing some frame data that otherwise lead to a strict, but otherwise doable infinite.
Title: Re: Hotaru Futaba by Nep Heart
Post by: Nep Heart on January 06, 2019, 09:02:04 am
 Had to update every character after encountering the counter hit bug again that caused bonus damage to persist even after the first hit.

 You can now redownload all four characters with this fix.
Title: Re: Hotaru Futaba by Nep Heart
Post by: Nep Heart on January 08, 2019, 02:39:16 am
 Bleh, another goof-up. Accidentally messed with the trigger that reduces the amount of power she spends on her lv3 when in T.O.P. mode during a prior update. Fixed Hotaru again.
Title: Re: Hotaru Futaba by Nep Heart
Post by: 【MFG】gui0007 on January 27, 2019, 12:16:49 am
Here's my video of this awesome Hotaru. Nice job Nep. :)
Title: Re: Hotaru Futaba by Nep Heart
Post by: Nep Heart on February 11, 2019, 02:23:58 am
 Decided to make early updates for all characters this time instead of waiting until I release my next character, so, have fun with that, everyone.

 Here's Hotaru's updates...

- Fixed Shinjou-Tai error that made it whiff on blocking opponents (derp, how did I even miss this?).
- Fixed Soushou-Shin whiffing on crouching characters.
- Increased corner push for super projectile.

 The updates for everyone including Hotaru...

- Fixed wall bounce animations, hurtboxes and a bug that was found in them.
- Fixed ground bounce animations and hurtboxes.
- Fixed custom tripping animations and hurtboxes.
- Revised projectile reflectors for characters who have one.
- Added Gold Burst and Bursting now uses up all juggle points on hit.
- Revised ground teching to be similar to Melty Blood's.
- Revised lv3/lv5 super aesthetics.
- Tweaked all damage scaling.
Title: Re: Hotaru Futaba by Nep Heart
Post by: Nep Heart on February 17, 2019, 07:49:30 am
 A minor mechanic revision update for all characters since I've finally figured out how to make certain things work.

- Made ground teching more consistent in that it will work even against knockback that can't be recovered from normally with the exception of most custom hit states much like Melty Blood.
- Most ground normals with certain exceptions such as launchers and dash attacks can be cancelled into a jump on hit or on block much like aerial normals can; alas reinforcing the Guilty Gear inspiration further.
- To compensate for the above, all aerial normals will cause both P1 and P2 to experience increased push back the more a grounded opponent is being combo'd or the lower their guard crush meter is.
Title: Re: Hotaru Futaba by Nep Heart
Post by: Nep Heart on March 13, 2019, 04:15:06 am
 Seeing as Mio is going to be released soon, I've taken the opportunity to update all my previous characters and reupload them in advance. Hotaru definitely benefits the most from this update as she got some needed buffs to let her keep up with the rest of cast... a few minor nerfs as well, but she's overall buffed.

all characters:

- Corrected another cornerpush quirk.
- Revised counter hit notification and Burst icon FXs.
- Added recovery notification FX.
- Added a juggle meter that appears under opponent whenever they are being juggled.
- Fixed a bug in projectile reflectors for all characters who have one.
- Corrected buffering on all half-circle commands for those that have it.
- Corrected issue where Spell Bonuses failed against super/hyper armor.
- Fixed aerial guard crush/counter hit custom hitstates.


- Fixed an egregious error in her Read Me.
- T.O.P. Mode now grants a 25% movement increase on top of the other bonuses.
- Corrected bug in 6x's auto-guard.
- Shajou-Tai has slightly increased reach and half-second invulnerable start-up.
- Significantly increased damage scaling on grounded throw.
- Increased overall damage of Tenhakki-Shou to compensate for new cornerpush system.
- Opponent now can choose to recover if Hotaru lands after hitting target with j.6z
Title: Re: Hotaru Futaba by Nep Heart
Post by: Nep Heart on March 13, 2019, 09:33:13 pm
Made a small error on the recovery frames for Hotaru's j.6z being set too early, ruining her air combos. Fixed that just now, so, redownload her.
Title: Re: Hotaru Futaba by Nep Heart
Post by: Nep Heart on April 01, 2019, 12:41:57 am
 It's that time again with Doppel Nanase being ready for release in a week or two. All characters are updated in advance.

Hotaru Futaba:

- Fixed Tenshou-Range bug that caused it to abort too early when there is no target.

All Characters:

- Tweaked guard crush system for more consistency.
- Updated burst buffering for more consistency.
- Tweaked cornerpushing and guard velocities for more consistency.
- Tweaked current lv3/v5 FX to make them flow better.
Title: Re: Hotaru Futaba by Nep Heart
Post by: Nep Heart on April 18, 2019, 04:24:12 am

- Tweaked damage on all normals with damage scaling compensated.

All Characters:

- New mechanic; guard cancel dash.
- Burst can now recharge faster while the character is taking damage.
- Various sound improvements.
- Refined hitstun properties of post-juggle limit hits for more consistency and make it easier to spot, allowing easier time finishing juggles with supers.
- Repositioned juggle meter to account for more convenient viewing during corner juggles.
- Tweaked cornerpush on all characters for slightly more leniency and more consistency.
- Tweaked air dash thresholds in terms of starting height and timing for control after starting an air dash is gained.
- Fixed super jump bug that gave control too soon.

Title: Re: Hotaru Futaba by Nep Heart
Post by: Nep Heart on April 19, 2019, 07:24:05 am
 Very quick update since there was an annoying bug I accidentally left behind while updating the burst system.

- Corrected a bug where burst couldn't be used until you get hit after the start of a round.
Title: Re: Hotaru Futaba by Nep Heart
Post by: Nep Heart on May 08, 2019, 02:35:52 am
Seeing as how Nayuki is going to be released some time this week, you know the drill...

All Characters:

- Revamped juggle system; instead of being based on move count like before, it's based on a timer now.
- Introduced hitstun decay system.
- Increased damage on all normals and uniformed damage scaling across everyone to be 30% minimum to accommodate the new juggle system.
- More moves are made untechable to accommodate the new juggle system. In addition, grounded normals that force targets to stand now cause soft knockdown now.
- Hitstun increased to various extents for all normals and special to accommodate for introduction of hitstun decay.
- Burst now comes with a meter below the icon that tells the player its recharge status as well as a cross-out that will appear over said icon whenever the character is in hitstates that they cannot burst out of.
- Guard Crush damage reduced by 33% across all characters except for Akyuu, whose is reduced by 66%.
- Fixed counter hit and spell bonus bugs.
- Adjusted cornerpush to occur only on hit.
- Fixed bug that caused Gold Burst to be read too late.
- Revised super finish aesthetics.
- Debug now allows player to have a "cheat sheet" to view juggle timer, hitstun decay and damage scaling.

Hotaru Futaba:

- Adjusted many attack and hit velocities and pausetimes for more consistency.
- Decreased cornerpush influence slightly.
- Increased additional hitstun time incurred by hits canceled into T.O.P. mode activation to accomodate for introduction of hitstun decay.
- Increased damage for all versions of Hakki-Shou.
- Fixed Shinjou-Tai bug that made it fail against super armor.
- Slight damage increase on Soushou-Tenrenge and Yulhana-Tensho.
Title: Re: Hotaru Futaba by Nep Heart
Post by: Nep Heart on May 09, 2019, 09:52:14 am
- Fixed bug where invalid detector misread certain custom hit states while hitstun decay and juggle timers are active.
Title: Re: Hotaru Futaba by Nep Heart
Post by: Nep Heart on June 13, 2019, 08:46:09 pm
All Characters:

- Overhauled every characters' read me text file.
- Command for guard cancel counter has been changed to F+x+y.
- Fixed burst bug that forced it even without input.
- Fixed bugs for post-battle states.
- Improved/fixed more sound aesthetics.
- More normals are made incapable of jump canceling on block.
- Tweaked custom knockdown to prevent alternative get-up options from ceasing their function.
- Juggle timer reduced from 9 seconds down to 4 seconds. Juggle timer restoration with each hit and super pause are increased proportionately to compensate.
- Revised Counter Hit from doing 100% bonus damage down to 25% bonus damage, however, damage scaling is mitigated by 25% for starting combos off a counter hit.
- Mechanics are now divided into different tiers in terms of how commonly shared they are; Universal Abilities for mechanics in which all characters share, Series Abilities for mechanics in which only characters from a corresponding series share and Unique Abilities in which only that specific character has.
- Introduced Guts.
- Everyone's down.bounce.yaccel value has been practically doubled, emulating knockdowns closer to that of EFZ.
- To compensate for introduction of Guts and juggle timer being lowered, all normals and most supers have their damage increased and damage scaling slightly increased and minimum damage scaling decreased.

SNK Characters:

- Break is now standardized as a Series Ability.
- Introduced Dodging.
- Introduced EX Specials.
- Introduced Hyper Drive Mode.

Hotaru Futaba:

- Initiating Stance are now all keyed to "c" command.
- All versions of Hakki-Shou except for EX version can now be Break canceled. However, Break itself is no longer a Unique Ability.
- T.O.P. Mode repurposed and tweaked as a Series Ability, renamed as Hyper Drive now.
- The x version of Tenshin-Shou is repurposed into a hard knockdown with long lasting liedown time. Ground bounce is now reserved for the EX version with limit per combo removed.
- Increased distance gained while Stance hopping. Also, Stance hopping has I-frames in early parts of it now.
- With the repurposing of T.O.P into Hyper Drive Mode Mode, Hotaru gains a Neo Max; Nagai-Furi Muki.
Title: Re: Hotaru Futaba by Nep Heart
Post by: Nep Heart on June 19, 2019, 08:23:14 pm
Quick update to correct a system mechanic.

- Guts works correctly on first hit of being combo'd.

An example of what it looks like in action when properly working. Yes, that's the same exact combo.