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Title: Nep Heart Depository
Post by: Nep Heart on February 17, 2019, 07:38:43 am
 Figured that it would be nice to compile my MUGEN creations into a single thread for the convenience of everyone, I feel this is about the right time for it. I mostly draw from various fighting games like Marvel vs Capcom, Melty Blood, Guilty Gear, Eternal Fighter Zero and so on for inspiration and mesh mechanics I feel work together well. All characters featured here are designed with my own custom gameplay style in mind and, thus, I'll summarize the universal mechanics that they all share with each other in spite of their drastically different ways of being played.

All characters here are for MUGEN 1.0 and upward.

Button Layout:

a - Series Ability
b - throw
c - Unique Ability
x - light attack
y - medium attack
z - heavy attack
s - taunt

Universal Abilities: Gameplay mechanics shared by all characters.

- Juggle Limiter: The juggle system works on a timer, starting at 4 seconds once a juggle begins and subsequent combo hits will extend the timer by fractional amounts. Once a distinctive circle appears on the opponent during combos, the very next attack that hit will always cause untechable knockdown. Supers are immune to this and in fact add an extra second and a half to the timer, so, take advantage of them at every chance you hit a combo limit.

- Stun Decay: Once a combo or blockstring begins, a timer is set in place that will reduce hitstun and blockstun until the opponent is no longer in hit state. The hitstun and guardstun multipliers are as followed; less than 4 seconds = 100%, 4 seconds = 75%, 8 seconds = 25%, 16 seconds = 10%, 20 and beyond seconds = 0%. This means certain chains, links and juggles that work early on may fail to work later in combos.

- Hit Push Back: Both the character and their opponent will experience progressively increased push back the higher the combo hit count increases, but only against grounded targets. To a lesser extent, the character will experience progressively increased push back if hitting grounded opponents while guarding.

- Launcher: Most characters in this collection can initiate aerial combos via performing a jump cancel off a normal attack that sends the opponent straight upward. It should be noted that some characters do not have a traditional launcher and launchers cannot be jump cancelled on block.

- Attack Jump Cancel: Most normal attacks can be jump cancelled on hit and, to a lesser extent, on block as a means to exert pressure, retreat safely or perform combos. However, not all normals can be jump cancelled, more so on block in the case of moves like launchers and dash attacks, although few exceptions exist.

- Power Meter: Power cannot be gained from whiffing attacks, it can only be built up from landing attacks or having attacks land on the character as well as completing taunts, a succesful Gold Burst and other means depending on the Series Abilities and other factors the character possesses to earn power. All characters max out with 5 stocks of power in which can be spent on supers, guard cancels and qualities dictated by Series and/or Unique Abilities.

- Chain Combo: All characters have access to chain combos where stronger levels of normals can be cancelled off of weaker normals in progression, command normals being subjected to the same rules. It should be noted that most characters can cancel either standing, crouching or command normals from one another even within the same strength type (backwards z or crouching z can be cancelled off of z), although which can be cancelled from what within the same strength varies from character to character. It should be noted that specials can canceled from out of almost any normal and supers can cancel from out of almost any normal or special.

- Invalid Combo: Any combo continued from a juggle from which the opponent could have recovered, but chose not to do so are considered invalid combos. While they incur no penalty, they run the potential risk of the opponent retaliating before the combo can be extended.

- Dash Bonus: Jumping or attacking while running/dashing will grant a bonus that mitigates damage scaling on the first, up to 25% if the character reaches the peak of their run speed or up to 10% near the end of their dash if they lack of run otherwise. This resets anytime a run or dash is transitioned back into standing idle state. However, some characters do not have access to this mechanic, particularly characters that have no control while dashing/running.

- Damage Scaling: All attacks possesses their own unique damage reduction modifier during combos and a multi-hit attack in most cases will only apply the modifier on the last hit. All characters' damage reduction during combos will have a 10% minimal threshold for normals and specials or a 40% minimal threshold during supers in which damage cannot go lower once reached.

- Guts: As combos tend to be very damaging, a character gains a small defence boost the lower their current life is until they reach a maximum of 50% additional defence. The math for calculating defence boosts is 0.5*(current life/total life)+0.5, meaning characters with lower total life gain defence boosts quicker than those with higher total life.

- Teching: A character can recover prematurely right before hitting the ground or while in mid-air, moving towards a specific direction depending on the directional input right as the recovery command is inputted.

- Wall Jump: All characters possess at least a recovery wall jump that is an alternative to air teching, however, few characters can also wall jump on demand as long as they're against a corner in mid-air.

- Guard Cancel Attack: Characters can break out of guardstun by shoving the opponent away, resetting combatants into neutral game. Has invincibility throughout most of the attack and most characters can canceled a GCA into certain supers on hit. Can only GCA when grounded.

- Guard Cancel Dash: Characters can break out of guard to dash a distance forward, passing through opponents with plenty of invulnerability to allow her to escape pressure zones. Can GCD on the ground or mid-air.

- Mid-Air Jump: All characters can jump while in mid-air once before touching the ground, although some rare exceptions of more than one mid-air jump exist.

- Super Jump: All characters in this collection are capable of making one great jump that typically goes higher than a full double jump, although distances and velocities can vary between characters. Mid-air jumps cannot be used once a super jump is performed.

- Air Dash: All characters can air dash, although directions and velocities vary between characters. Typically, characters can only air dash once before touching the ground, although some can air dash up to twice and even rarer cases of air dashing more than that do exist. Mid-air jumps cannot be done during an air dash.

- Fast Fall: All characters can increase their aerial descent to quickly position themselves back onto the ground. Some characters may have additional air dash directions if they lack a fast fall.

- Throws: All characters have a ground and mid-air grab that all vary greatly, many capable of extending or starting combos. It should be noted that grounded grabs cannot hit airborne opponents and air grabs cannot hit grounded opponents. Both versions are unblockable and reach varies between characters, however, grounded grabs can be broken out of if the opponent taps any button while holding any direction within 6 frames of the grab hitting.

- Burst: A character can break free from hitstun and reset combatants to neutral game against virtually any normal and special attacks. Bursting can also be done while in control, although not during the middle of attacking. However, there is a 60 second recharge between each use of this technique, although being in hitstun or blockstun doubles the recharge speed, and it does not reset between rounds. If the character is at 1/3 their total life or less, Burst recharging rate increases by an additional 50%. If Burst is used just right before the opponent lands a hit, the character will be rewarded with maxed out power. If Burst hits the target in any state, the Burst gauge will be filled by 1/3rd.

- Spell Bonus: Characters in this collection who successfully make the first unblocked hit of a round will be rewarded with 1000 additional power.

- Counter Hit: Interrupting an opponent during their attack starting frames will grant a 10% damage bonus, mitigate damage scaling by 10% and reward 250 power. In addition, if any standing or aerial heavy normals counter hit, they will cause an enhanced hitstate.

- Guard Crush: A specialized meter at the lower part of the opponent's side of the screen is an indication of how close they are from being guard crushed as a means to discourage turtling. Once the meter is fully depleted from repeated guarding, the opponent will be guard crushed, a special state that leaves them completely open to any attack for a brief period of time. The guard crush meter will slowly regenerate as long as the opponent isn't in guardstun or hitstun. The guard crush meter goes back to full after a successful guard crush.

Series Abilities: Gameplay mechanics only shared by characters from the same series type.

Puella Magi

- Magia Shield: A strictly-timed guard that differs from ordinary blocking which negates guard stun, chip damage as well as restore small amounts of life and even increase the Soul Gem gauge if successful. In addition, it generates a weak magical blast that can knock the opponent away to create breathing room between combatants. Fails against throws.

- Soul Gem: All Puella Magi draw magical power from their Soul Gem; in gameplay, this translates into a mechanic that they all share determined by Soul Gem meter underneath their life bar. Playing actively (remaining in constant movement forward and attacking) will gradually increase the gauge while passive actions (such as receiving hitstun, moving backwards without attacking, receiving hitstun/blockstun or stationing in one spot) will decrease the gauge. When the Soul Gem gauge is full, Puella Magi can choose to enter a special state called "Magia Overflow" in which meter gain is now automatic, but gain a 15% damage bonus, Guard Crush damage is boosted and recoverable life is gradually restored. This Magia Overflow Mode lasts for 20 seconds after entry.

- Magica Boost: Almost any attack can be canceled on contact and damage scaling is mitigated by 10% at the cost of 20% timer in Magia Overflow Mode or 33% of the Soul Gem outside that mode. Holding forward while canceling causes an automatic dash/airdash.

Touhou Project

- Brave Guard: A strictly-timed block that differs from ordinary guarding as the opponent will be pushed back a good distance when done with the released version or a good amount of pause on the opponent with the held version while the player gains a fair amount of invulnerability and gains a small amount of power. Useful for alleviating pressure and forcing reckless opponents into whiffing attacks. Fails against throws.

- Spell Mode: Can be used at any time when in idle state or from connecting most normals and specials, but can only be used once per round. Life is restored upon activation in which the amount is determined depending on recoverable health. A timer appears and the stage darkens for a 20 second countdown in which all level 1 supers, Guard Cancel Attacks and Guard Dash Cancels only cost 750 power each and level 3 supers have their cost reduced to 2500 power during Spell Mode. In addition, minimum damage for all attacks cannot go below 25% along with juggle timer slowing down by 50% as well as the stun decay and game timer being temporarily disabled during Spell Mode. Finally, power is generated passively and movement speed is increased by 50%.


- Dodge: A utility maneuver used for evasion or for approach that has a generous amounts of invulnerability. Ground version moves forward or backward on the ground, increasing forward distance if done during a dash. The air version slows momentum while hopping slightly. However, all versions are completely vulnerable to any throw based moves.

- Break: Allows for exiting of specific special moves before their attack frames are finished, allowing for intricate combos and blockstrings as well as bait out opponents in neutral. However, EX Specials are not Break capable.

- EX Specials: Enhanced versions of special moves that not only have increased power and additional properties, but they add 1 second to the juggle timer and reduce the stun decay timer by 1.5 seconds each. An Ex Special costs the equivalent of 1/6th of a full Hyper Drive gauge. EX Specials will always be the c version of any special generally speaking.

- Hyper Drive Mode: A skill resource indicated by a special bar under the lifebar which fills up when moves hit, are guarded, while being hit or while guarding, filling slower in order of those conditions. Requiring at least 1/5th of the Hyper Drive gauge filled as indicated by the "OK" signal, entering this mode grants a 15% damage increase for all attacks, movement speed is increased by 25%, Guard Crush damage is increased, power gain is doubled as well as recoverable health is gained in proportion to the Hyper Drive meter on activation and all EX Specials cost only 1/12th of the Hyper Drive Gauge. In additional, specials can be canceled into EX Specials. Furthermore, upon activation, 3 seconds is added to the juggle timer and 4 seconds is deducted from the stun decay timer. The duration of this modes depends on how much meter of the Hyper Drive gauge has been filled with the maximum of 20 seconds. Canceling a normal or special
into Hyper Drive Mode during a combo incurs slightly more hitstun, allowing for powerful combo extensions. While Hyper Drive Mode is active, the character's lv3 super is replaced by a Neo Max, a powerful attack that ignores damage scaling, but uses up the remainder of the Hyper Drive Mode timer.


- Reflection Guard:  A specialized type of guarding that provides brief invulnerability while negating both guardstun and chip damage with the added benefit of reducing chip damage as well as pushing the opponent a distance away while negating pushback on the player. Drains 250 power on the first use until user is no longer blocking. Fails against throws or if meter is below 250 power.

- Blast: The main bonus mechanic that is divided by two types; Combo Blast and Power Blast. Combo Blasts can be activated while in the middle of performing combos with normals and specials, which gives a 1000 power bonus and has more vertical knockback as well as 15% increased damage, movement speed is increased by 25%, and restores up to 3 seconds to the juggle timer and mitigates damage scaling by 15%. Power Blast will give 1000 power normally or 2000 power on counter hit as well as restore life based on recoverable health on hit or half recoverable health on block, increase defense by 10%, gives gradual amounts of power passively, increased Guard Crush damage and has a more horizontal knockback. Both versions of Blast lasts for 20 seconds and the recharge period is based on current life x 3 at the time Blast begins (i.e.: 1000 life means 3000 frames or 50 seconds). If a character is at 30% life or less, then the recharge time will not go lower than that value accordingly. Therefore, characters with lower life values tend to have less recharge time.

Eternal Fighter Zero

- Recoil Guard: A strictly-timed block differing from ordinary guarding as it negates guardstun, chip damage and pushback as well as restore a some guard crush meter as well as a bit of power meter gain and Reinforce meter. Five consecutive Recoil Guards restore a small amount of life. The small pausetime incurs more lag on the opponent's repelled move, although they can Recoil Guard any attempt to counter off a Recoil Guard provided they have the same mechanic. Fails against throws.

- Reinforce: A passive ability indicated by a specialized gauge in which allows access to Reinforce Specials, enhanced specials that have invulnerability on start-up that replaces the "z" button variations of most specials as long as she has enough Reinforce meter to spend (using Reinforce moves with a red meter spends the entire bar while using Reinforce moves with a glowing meter only takes up 1/4th of the bar). Combos start with mitigated damage scaling (up to 110%) and inflict increased Guard Crush Damage with higher Reinforce levels. However, the meter temporarily halts at lower levels and drains at max level while caught in hitstun. The Reinforce meter fills up automatically and will fill up twice as fast while blocking attacks.

- Instant Charge: Certain normals, specials and even supers can be canceled prematurely on hit and on block if the Reinforce gauge is in the red and glowing stage, consuming what's left of it. Reduces the stun decay timer, increases the juggle timer and reduces damage scaling. Useful for extending combos or to make a move safe on block. In addition, power and recoverable life is given in proportion of Reinforce meter upon canceling.

Melty Blood

- Shield: Strikes and projectiles can be negated upon making contact with the player during the brief window in which Shield is active. A brief pause occurs upon successful Shield, allowing for counter attack opportunities, as well as slightly restore Guard Crush meter and gain small amounts of power. Shielding during Blood Heat Mode with at least 3000 power activates a variation of an Arc Drive. Fails against all throws.

- EX Specials: Replaces z variations with enough meter, otherwise, the y versions come out instead. Has start-up invulnerability, has traits that make them enhanced to previous versions of a special and mitigates damage scaling by 10%.

- Max Mode: Reaching the maximum amount of power will force entry into a special mode in which meter gradually drains automatically and damage scaling is mitigated by 10%. Once power reaches 0 during Max Mode, it resets to 2000. While this discourages sitting on meter, this also has the advantage of allowing for somewhat of a spree on EX Specials and super moves that can allow for otherwise impossible combos.

- Blood Heat: Each successful Heat stack enhances aspects of Unique Abilities, gives 500 power, boosts damage of the the first attack in a combo (up to a 10% bonus) and increases meter gain. After four stacks, the character enters Blood Heat Mode in which they are surrounded by an unblockable blast that knocks nearby opponents away, gives 1000 power, recovers life based on power (up to 300 life) and increases Guard Crush damage. Lasting for roughly 30 seconds upon entry, Max Mode is disabled, the timer freezes, all EX Specials have their cost reduced to 500 power and the character's Lv3 super is replaced by two variations of an Arc Drive based on input or Shield counter. Using Arc Drives end Blood Heat mode automatically.
Title: Re: Nep Heart Depository
Post by: Nep Heart on February 20, 2019, 07:18:04 am

Name: Sayaka Miki
Origin: Puella Magi
Release Date: 10/14/2018
AI: No
Life: 750
Archetype: Rushdown
Unique Ability: Allegro
Download:!AvDqTmHZ37DihlJFdprY-GA5Bma6 (!AvDqTmHZ37DihlJFdprY-GA5Bma6)


Name: Hieda No Akyuu
Origin: Touhou Project
Release Date: 11/05/2018
AI: No
Life: 1050 (level 0), 1155 (level 1),  1270 (level 2), 1398 (level 3), 1537 (level max)
Archetype: Dynamic/All-Rounder
Unique Ability: Gumonji
Download:!AvDqTmHZ37Dihldh03_t_dLhmO7h (!AvDqTmHZ37Dihldh03_t_dLhmO7h)


Name: Homura Akemi
Origin: Puella Magi
Release Date: 12/04/2018
AI: No
Life: 900
Archetype: Keepaway/Zoning
Unique Ability: Spatial Movement
Download:!AvDqTmHZ37DihnFereY4N0FvYRfx (!AvDqTmHZ37DihnFereY4N0FvYRfx)


Name: Hotaru Futaba
Origin: Garou: Mark of the Wolves
Release Date: 01/01/2019
AI: No
Life: 950
Archetype: Footsies/Pressure
Unique Ability: Stance
Download:!AvDqTmHZ37DihnRWmPv0CiuUrA4j (!AvDqTmHZ37DihnRWmPv0CiuUrA4j)


Name: Haruhi Suzumiya
Origin: The Haruhi Suzumiya series
Release Date: 2/20/2019
AI: No
Life: 1000
Archetype: Set-Up
Unique Ability: SOS Assists
Download:!AvDqTmHZ37DihxKgHzIQ9gNHYhGY (!AvDqTmHZ37DihxKgHzIQ9gNHYhGY)


Name: Mio Kouzuki
Origin: ONE: Kagayaku Kisetsu e
Release Date: 03/13/2019
AI: No
Life: 1000
Archetype: Stance/Rushdown (Short Range Mode)/Zoning (Long Range Mode)
Unique Ability: Mode Change, Glide


Name: Doppel Nanase
Origin: Eternal Fighter Zero original
Release Date: 04/17/2019
AI: No
Life: 1200 (Unenlightened), 1440 (Enlightened)
Archetype: Grappler
Unique Ability: Deflect, Maiden Enlightenment


Name: Nayuki Minase
Origin: Kanon
Release Date: 05/08/2019
AI: No
Life: 950
Archetype: Rushdown
Unique Ability: Keropi


Name: Mai Kawasumi
Origin: Kanon
Release Date: 06/14/2019
AI: No
Life: 1000
Archetype: Footsies
Unique Ability: Hope, Syoukaki


Name: Miyako Arima
Origin: Tsukihime
Release Date: 07/21/2019
AI: Yes
Life: 1100
Archetype: Pressure
Unique Ability: Bajiquan


Name: Reisen Udongein Inaba
Origin: Touhou Project
Release Date: 10/02/2019
AI: Yes
Life: 900
Archetype: Zoning/Pressure
Unique Ability: Insanity, Field


Name: Youmu Konpaku
Origin: Touhou Project
Release Date: 11/10/2019
AI: No
Life: 850
Archetype: Rushdown/Puppet Fighter
Unique Ability: Myon


Name: Akari Ichijou
Origin: Last Blade
Release Date: Coming Soon
AI: ?
Life: 1000
Archetype: All-Rounder
Unique Ability: Tenma Sukima
Download: Coming Soon
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With Mio's release and Doppel's announcement, the first post has been updated to reflect the news.
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With Doppel Nanase's release, Nayuki Minase's announcement from a few weeks ago as well as some universal mechanic revisions and additions, the first post has been updated accordingly.

Now you have a grappler to play with, Umezono.
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 With Nayuki's release as well as the universal mechanic revisions and Mai Kawasumi's announcement, the first post has been updated to reflect all that.
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 Since Mai has been released and several gameplay mechanic overhauls have been made, the list has been updated.
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 With Miyako Arima released, the download post has been updated. In addition, since I was running into a post limit, I had to split the posts in two.
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 With Reisen released, the character list has been updated.
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Youmu has been added to the collection.