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Title: System
Post by: Lost_Avenger on July 17, 2012, 05:16:51 am
Tap forward or down(for crouching) as your opponent attacks you. If you time it right, its worth it... Time it wrong? And you might eat a super
Alpha Counter:
While guarding an attack, hit: back, down+back, down + p/k. Punches and kicks produce different moves(usually a sweep type more for kicks).
 Alpha counter costs 1.5 bars to use now, but gains new properties(better invincibility, damage, etc)
Custom Combo:
Z+C when you have a full super gauge(3000 power). While activated you can't:
-Activate ex moves
-Inflict stun damage
-Gain power
In exchange, you get a free level 1 super at the end and you can cancel just about anything on contact.
 You also can't use cc during tag mode.
Multi-leveled supers and a level 3 only super:
When inputting a super command, the input changes the moves properties(adding more hits/damage/invincibility). A level 3 hits really hard and can only be used with 3000 power.
Stun system:
Each attack does x amount of stun damage(usually 1/7th of regular damage). If your stun points fall below 0, you are left wide open.
Dashing/back dashing:
Tap F,F for dash and B,B for backdash. Each character has both, but some have extra properties. The hop types can jump over some low attacks, but they have more recovery. The dashes can help gain ground without jumping.
Air guarding:
Most ground normals cant be airguarded, but most(if not all) air normals can be. Specials can be air guarded as well as some supers.
Super Jump:
Tap down quickly before jumping for a jump that goes further/higher
Safe Fall:
Tap down as your about to hit the ground from a move that knocks you down. You can't use safe fall on hard knock down moves(sweeps, throws, Ryu's tatsumaki, etc). As of beta2, you wont be able to use mugen's default recovery command(x+y?) anymore(down only)
Title: Re: System
Post by: Cazaki on July 17, 2012, 05:32:14 am
I hope it's okay to post here, but why not make everything not able to be air guarded? Why make just some things non-airguardable? I am kind of happy that you are actually limiting guard options (Alot of games have air guard when it really doesn't make sense.), but that seems kind of silly.
Title: Re: System
Post by: Lost_Avenger on July 17, 2012, 05:49:19 am
Its fine. People can post anywhere(Just try to avoid making topics is all).
Originally, I didnt want any air guarding. My SF game didnt have it with some exceptions(certain projectiles).
I made sure to limit it where I can(it encourages jumping imo). I think I did a poll and it won iirc. It seems ok as of now, but I can add or remove it from certain moves as a balancing tool if need be.
Title: Re: System
Post by: Lost_Avenger on July 21, 2012, 09:14:10 am
Im putting this here. You can taunt after winning now. The AI could, but I kept forgetting to fix it for humans.