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Title: Composition Thread
Post by: Nnaajj on July 03, 2014, 01:51:50 pm
Original Compositions
As stated in the main discussion page, I am planning to compose some original/remix tracks for this project with a Hip Hop / Jungle element.

Screen Pack
Select Screen - Take Your Pick -
Menu - ...
Loading - ...

To be listed as each stage is finalized

I have just recently been working on a character select theme which takes melodic inspiration from an unused Cadillacs & Dinosaurs track. Take Your Pick - Select Theme

I've used a mixture of electronic sounds, sample-based pads, old school breaks and a jungle-esque 808 bass (All original shit except the samples of course). The inspiration track:
Title: Re: Original Compositions
Post by: Nnaajj on July 04, 2014, 11:30:54 pm
As I'm currently working on the Mess character, it would be convenient to work on his theme also. Here's a little preview of progress so far:
Illusive - Mess O'bradovich theme

This theme is a remix of 'The Doctor Is Mad' from Cadillacs & Dinosaurs
Although this was a boss theme in the original game I thought its aggressive tone would rather suit Mess, of course with a few changes here and there.
I am planning to add some further breakbeat engineering as I carry on working.
Furthermore, the current bass sounds are placeholder, I'm going to create a light 808 bass with some soft tone samples.

Feedback would be appreciated!