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Title: Lancelot (WIP)
Post by: Nnaajj on July 10, 2014, 07:21:06 pm
Series: Knights Of The Round
Fighter Type: Speed
Forever in search of purity through mortal combat, he has trained in the martial way since the age of 8.

Target Combo
-x, x, x, y
-3 Quick Swipes, Heavy Strike (Finisher)
(The first quick swipe has great range and is pretty damn fast, good priority all round. Heavy Strike is rather sluggish though, unless it is combo'd into via Target Combo.)

Extra JOY
-x+a -OR- y+a
-Force Wall

Dodge Maneuver
-x+b -OR- y+b
-Emergency Retreat
(One of the only dodge maneuvers which hits the opponent as well as displaying invulnerability to most attacks. Although, the falling sequence can be punished with the right character.)

Series Specific
Weak Attack Cancelling
-Perform a command during the initial frames of the Weak Attack animation
(Taking inspiration from the original game I've decided to give Knights Of The Round characters the feature of being able to cancel their Weak Attack animations. By doing this, special moves (such as Cross Slash) will be given an increased x axis range.

Kick Attack
-U during the initial frames of Weak Attack
(A jumping kick which sends Lancelot into a retreating somersault jump on contact. An effective anti air in certain situations, and displays great priority on ground targets. However, this special can be easily punished if the attack makes contact to early during jump arc.

Cross Slash
-D, DF, F, x -Or- y
(A nimble travelling slash which is safe, from a distance, on the Weak Attack variant. The Strong Attack variant is not safe on block in all circumstances, but it displays juggling possibilities.)

Cross Slash JOY
-D, DF, F, x+y
(As well as having great horizontal distance, the JOY variation also leaps Lancelot into the air, making the start up of this move invulnerable to projectiles and crouching/low attacks. This move also has juggling potential.)

Super JOYs
Super JOY1 - Majesty
-B, F, DF, F, x -Or- y
~Lancelot goes into his defence state (Like the original Knights Of The Round's defence command) for 25 frames. If the opponent attacks with any other move than an Extra JOY, Super JOY or Throw then Lancelot will counter into a devastating slashing combo.

Super JOY2 - Accension
-D, DB, B, D, DB, B, x -Or- y
~Have a vague idea of Lancelot performing an accending combo similar to Gouki's SA3 in Street Fighter 3.

Lancelot packs an arsenal of quick attacks with great range, but in general he lacks damage output. His gameplay will rely on spacing and punishing with devestating Extra JOY Cancel juggles. I can't be certain for now, but I believe he will be one of the top characters of the roster.


+Colour Seperation
+Sound File
+Grapple State
+Extra JOY / Extra JOY Cancel
+Hit Sparks
+Dodge Maneuver

-Super JOYs / Double Super JOY (3)
-Desperation JOY
-Damages / Guard damages
-Block Stun
-Removing Minimal Bugs
-Corner System

Title: Re: Lancelot (WIP)
Post by: Nnaajj on July 13, 2014, 05:52:58 pm

Not the best quality or frame rate but it's the best way of showing the type of gameplay I will be implementing in these characters!
Lancelot's basics and specials are practically done! Super JOYs, damage values and overall balancing is all that's left.

Let me know what you think so far!

You can also find Mess' preview video on the respective WIP thread.