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Title: Help wanted
Post by: thepaniqd on March 21, 2016, 05:50:47 am
Here we will post positions we would like some help on. post here or send a PM if you are interested.

Stage Creator: Creating custom stages based on MSH, MVC, XMEN:COTA etc. style.

Portrait Creator: We need consistently styled portraits for the win screen. currently Doom and Psylocke have their portraits from MVC2. Unfortunately
those won't be available for every character planned so we need an alternative or to find portraits that fit the style for all characters.

Character Converters: A lot of characters planned are already in existence, help customising and conforming them to the MSH:R style would be appreciated and help expedite the proccess.

Sprite artists and color separators: Anyone specializing in CPS2 style or CS who is interested in editing or creating new characters is appreciated.
We have a decent sized spriting team now but as with anything this takes a lot of time. Beyond that you may gain a lot of experience and new techniques from each other.

Testers: We always need more testers.

Thanks, MSH:R team