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Title: SF side project
Post by: Lost_Avenger on July 08, 2016, 02:29:50 am
Im creating a separate topic for this since that part of the project is being moved from my laptop to my tower. All creation notes and data will go here. Any feedback should also go here, but I'll answer where ever. This project serves two purposes. It removes the extra SF characters that were over saturating the CFJ2 roster to possibly create spaces for non SF characters in the future. It is also what I have been wanting to do since I started coding in mugen ages ago, but never had the time to do.

The roster was in the other topic and is subject to change on a whim. There really is no point in even bothering to specify a roster cause its going to get changed later anyway. Most of the main characters will be in though(Ryu, Alex, Sakura, Chun-Li, etc).

SP and bars: I'm stealing these from the MFG project. I need some of the actual sprites though and I'll need to learn to do custom portraits. Im hoping the people who wanted to help before on this are still interested

Changes from CFJ2:
-gains denjin hadouken and possibly metsu hadouken depending on what system we go with
-you can no longer use his joudan as a follow up on a light shoryuken follow up on aerial enemies
-Alpha Counter(if we go with those) will change from ex tatsu to ex hadouken
-gains an EX mode via select screen
-system changes

As far as the system changes go. I kind of want to do a custom counter hit system like I sort of had with my ancient LA characters. Where certain normals can float the enemy on counter hit. This was originally in Alpha, but is also in SFV, but more customized and I dont have the sprites for that. Any suggestions for the system can go here cause Im not set on anything. Those helping with the game creation side have a bit more say in its development, but I won't rule out anything right away
Title: Re: SF side project
Post by: Lost_Avenger on July 24, 2016, 06:52:49 pm
Ive got an alpha of Ryu that Im playing around with on some stuff. Im trying a faster game play system to see if it fixes some of my issues that Ive had in the past(mainly with Cody in CFJ2 where his links feel so slow). I also have a pre alpha of Blanka going as well. Main issue with him so far has been making his electric thunder combo. I have to give him huge range for it to combo and it seems like it may be op to do it that way. Im sending them around to some people in the meantime.

Should I do polls on the system?
Title: Re: SF side project
Post by: Yahya on July 24, 2016, 06:55:22 pm
Should I do polls on the system?

Go ahead, man.

Not sure if this was asked or anything, but as far as the roster goes, who do you plan on putting in (other than the obvious choices for a SF game)? Apologies if it was answered and/or it doesn't go here.
Title: Re: SF side project
Post by: Lost_Avenger on July 25, 2016, 07:08:23 am
Im not bothering to set a roster at this point. The main people will make it in, but the rest are pretty much just going to be as I feel like it. Blanka and Elena are in though cause I want to finish them somehow
Title: Re: SF side project
Post by: Lost_Avenger on July 26, 2016, 12:31:05 pm
Ukemi is the backward or forward roll on wake up
Safe fall is where they do a recovery roll upon a knockdown as they hit the ground
delayed wake up is where you hold a button down to delay your get up animation a few frames to mess up enemy mix up strategies and timings
quick stand is a button press that shortens your lay down time after you have already been knocked down. Sort of like delayed wake up but shortening it instead of delaying it.

CFJ2 uses a safe fall closer to SF4 than cvs2(where it has something like a roll from the kof side iirc). Ukemi may not be fully possible with everyone cause I dont know if I have roll sprites for the entire roster. The other 2 are easier to add, but semi useless since the AI isnt going to care when you wake up :p
Title: Re: SF side project
Post by: DW on July 28, 2016, 06:37:31 pm
I'd have to side with Ukemi and Safe Fall. The other 2 are pretty much useless. It doesn't have to be a roll anim per-say, just anything that gives the impression of it. If all else fails, ask for some edits. :P
Title: Re: SF side project
Post by: Lost_Avenger on July 31, 2016, 03:04:58 pm
I was leaning safe fall and quick wake up tbh. Though I may just go ahead and go with delayed or quick as well as safe fall. I think I may be limited on sprites for ukemi. I don't want to ask for edits either if possible. People have better things to do than waste time on my hobby :p. I'll probably feel slightly less pressured to get it done too.

I think I have my super system figured out. I havent coded it yet, but once I do, I'll pass around my Ryu beta. Im thinking it may be too much of a bother though cause everyone would have an extra super or system locked super
Title: Re: SF side project
Post by: Lost_Avenger on September 24, 2016, 03:55:49 pm
Ok, so story wise in the SF universe, Nash used to be the US martial arts champion before Ken took his spot right? So how did Ken end up becoming the champion then? Did he beat Nash or did Nash abandon it for the military thing when he went after Bison? Or is this still canon with the new SF story line?

Also, Im considering making Urien's reflector a lv 2. Seems a bit broken to be ending a cc with it. You can super cancel into cc in the latest version of the system so you could potentially land a rather large combo by throwing out a reflector at the end and potentially landing a stun at the end.

Also, Ive adjusted the stun system starting with Nash(and Ryu will get updated to it). Supers and throws now inflict stun(it scales with the dampener). I need to go through and modify my stun code because I dont think it scales with the damage like it probably should. I havent really tested it and no one complained so I havent bothered to look into older SF games to get a general idea of how stun generally works.

Nash is currently being tested. He still needs AI and Ive been finding some small issues since I didnt rebuild him from the ground up like I should have. Some of the ancient LA code from like 6 years ago(holy crap this project is old) is still around that I keep finding and removing as I go. I have another vacation coming up soon so I'll be a bit more active then
Title: Re: SF side project
Post by: Zazamyon2 on October 11, 2016, 08:49:34 pm
Gosh judging by all the threads in this full game project, system related thingees etc it sounds like you have put alot of time and work into this project for many years...I didn't read all of the stuff as theres so much and im more knowledge on snk mechanic things than capcom....but i did read something about you almost give up.or maybe retire.

Anyway idk if this is relevant or not but just I thought i give 2 cents from.when i work on kof full game project with some.korean people long time ago.

Sometimes everyone has so many ideas and spend the too much time focus on mechanic and keep changing and fine tune etc they never release.anything, and they loose all their interest and time, or the project looks.outdated many years later and still.unfinished.

Also one of the guys i argued with because i told him that screenpack, lifebars, custom sytem things like score or tag is more important to full game than just editing his kyo and iori forever to get perfect super armor etc. In the end he spent so.much time just focus on his iori and kyo edits that he lost the interest or.time tonfinish the fullgame properly and he just used already existing lifebars and screenpack copy of KOFM fullgame and it is a forgotten.project and nobody cared or remembered if his iori or kyo.ismgood.or.not

Opposite to this is wveryone knows the KOF Wing Or KOFM edit or KOF Awaken fullgames. They have.many bug but everyone knowsnin kof.mugen community because and system helpers..not because.of.perfect system.mechanic......

Anyway sorry for ramble.just i hope this.motivate you to release the.project :-)
Title: Re: SF side project
Post by: Lost_Avenger on October 12, 2016, 09:24:59 pm
Ive got a decent number of characters already close to being finished, but none of them feel quite right to me anymore. Im going to finish up the last few and then release them without bars. That will be the end of CFJ2. And probably the end of me releasing anything else in mugen.