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Title: Is an idea like this even possible?
Post by: Infinisan on February 04, 2017, 05:03:05 pm
Hello and excuse my new status to this forum, as well as my lack of an icon. I was expecting to be able to do something like this over at the Shoryuken Forums, but the rules stated 'do not ask for suggestions and just do your homework'. Here's the problem -- If I have my eyes set on hopefully developing a MUGEN game that I want the community to enjoy, how am I supposed to get great ideas through research, exactly? I mean, in that case, community suggestions would be much better.

I'm no fighting game newbie, in fact, I've been playing them since I was a rather young kiddo. And since I discovered the MUGEN engine rather late (I think I learned exactly what it was a year after 1.0 came out), I saw it as a huge opportunity and started looking into characters, code, and many other aspects about this brilliant game. Usually people just mish-mash a bunch of characters and stages together and never bother to edit anything themselves, but now I really want to stop that way of MUGENing. I've realized nobody's ever really made what I wanted. I want to create a MUGEN project the community will hopefully welcome if it's properly tested and refined and such, and I want to make sure casual and competitive players have their place in the game. Hopefully, less emphasis on button-mashers, as well.

The game I had in mind would have some original characters (not too many, cause ho boy, have you heard of OCs?) and many more existing, canonical characters. If I can edit it correctly, I might include the MUGEN Story Mode tool in it, as well, but for now that shouldn't be a priority, as this game is oriented more towards multiplayer. I'd love to incorporate a combo system, a combo breaker, and a tag system (with assists), and have each character run on the same format (there won't be one SF-styled character and another GG-styled). Each character will have six buttons, EX specials, and supers of varying power consumption. One of my other goals is to also include character balance. I don't want a slightly broken and a very underpowered character in the same game. Also important will be roster diversity. Sure, include the regular character types in there, but also play some wildcards.

Here's where I end my game thoughts for now. The time has come to criticize me or suggest ideas and whatnot. I will comment if I see an appetizing post. Farewell for now!
Title: Re: Is an idea like this even possible?
Post by: Vans on February 05, 2017, 02:09:54 pm
In order to develop a serious fighting game with MUGEN you need many things.

- If you're programming, then you need to understand fighting games well enough down to an engine level. This means knowing why hitboxes are drawn the way they are and the type of physics they use. You need this to make movement feel the way you want it to feel without "winging" it.
- You need to have a good amount of experience programming with MUGEN, knowing how to avoid its many bugs and its limitations in terms of what you want to do. It is incredibly important for someone to know which features lie within reasonable extents of programming and which don't.
- You need to have extremely good organization skills, and this depends on number 2. Without organization skills, time management goes off the window.

What I mentioned is from the character standpoint. Knowing how to program visually appealing stages and interface is its own category and are skills that have to be mastered separately.

It's not easy, and I believe that it is nigh impossible to complete without a team of people, heavy limiting the scope or using pre-made content to start with.