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Title: Survival Mode
Post by: Kamekaze on December 28, 2018, 05:44:10 pm
So how it will work currently is a counter is kept to tell you how many people you've beaten.


As you can see this Shredder has beaten 35 stages of survival so far and as you can also see, he's got quite the score. The score is very important but I can't reveal why just yet.

So naturally you may ask what happens if you face the final boss in this mode? Well if you're not on stage 20 you're in for a treat, otherwise said treat may appear but it also may not. Welcome to the bonus stage!


You have to destroy 10 safes to progress past this stage. And as you can see these safes aren't exactly harmless. The safe door in the back will slowly open as you progress so you can know how much more you have to go. When you destroy 9 of the small safes you have to fight the big boy


When you win you get the treasure in the back! Worth $19000
Title: Re: Survival Mode
Post by: Kamekaze on March 21, 2019, 04:34:32 pm
After 2 months I finally am able to show this entire mode off and I'm very happy to do so.

This video explains how it all works and why its a pretty unique spin on what survival modes normally are.