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Title: CPS2/VS Style Original/Edit Stage "AVPboy6754" - "Tricell's Test Lab"
Post by: AVPboy on April 21, 2019, 06:51:12 am
Hey Guys... Am i the only one that likes Resident Evil's Second Trilogy just as much as the first one?

I hope not...

Whatever, here's something based on Resident Evil 5, it fits pretty good with Wesker in my opinion, so just ahead and BANG BANG BANG all the B.O.W.

Have fun.

THANKS to: "God, always God... and every single Human being on the Planet, because all you are my brothers".
SPECIAL THANKS to: "armin_iuf, MatreroG, √Člectr0 and scruffydragon for most of the sprites".
Compatible to: "MUGEN 1.1"
Animated: Ultra Indeed...

Suggested Tracks:

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( (
( (
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( (

Download link: