Street fighter Alpha 3 tourney over ggpo (Read 865 times)

Started by psychoripper, April 11, 2011, 12:31:58 am
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Street fighter Alpha 3 tourney over ggpo
#1  April 11, 2011, 12:31:58 am
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Im hosting a tournament over ggpo for street fighter alpha 3

heres what you need to know

Basic Rules:
-Each match will be best 2 of 3
-people will be paired by random drawing
-If the game/server crashes during a match the current battle of that match will be restarted
-If trash talk is reported you'll be disqualified
-il be spectating all matches to keep track. It may be best everyone participating do the same
-battles will be fought in order respective to their layout
-after the 2 last people compete, the two people who lot under them will fight for 3rd place

When: Currently i will hold this tournament on April 16th. If anything comes up however the date is subject to change. Time of the tournament will be 830 PM eastern time ( -5 )

On tournament day:
-everyone should show up in the sfa3 room. I am expecting the first people to go up to be there soon. If they are late for the fight they are disqualified
-in the room i will give cues on whos turn it is to fight
-if during the tournament a player must leave for something (such as bathroom or getting a drink) please let it be known

Other things to know:
-currently im going to have 8 slots open. If demand grows i will add more
-I myself may or may  not be participating. time will tell
- post in this thread or message me here or on youtube if oyu wish to participate.
-if you need any more details such as what rom will be used message me for details
-any other questions you may ask me

deadline to sign up for participation in this tourny is Aprill 14th (so i have time to set everything up)
this may seem last minute to some but i thought hell, il see if anyone here wants to join

i need at least 2 more players. I have other people on mugen infantry who've signed up (I needed a minimum of 8 players, but more is ok to work with). If your interested post here, or if you have questions let me know