EF-12 Project Development Questions for Wildfire of Souls (Read 9121 times)

Started by Yugijak, January 18, 2016, 06:36:05 am
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EF-12 Project Development Questions for Wildfire of Souls
#1  January 18, 2016, 06:36:05 am
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I'm wanting to create one of my fighting game ideas using the EF-12 engine, and I was wondering if anyone had some idea how I could do the following:

  • Create the unique WoS control scheme and interface inspired by Smash Bros.
  • Implement Overheat and Overheat Conversion into Super meter
  • Build Technique Chains for the Forms the fighting system is built off of
  • Use Hit Confirmation on certain attacks in a Super Move to perform an upgraded version of the move on KO
  • Potentially add Secret Supers (Soul Arts) to unlockable characters

I realize I'm probably trying to swim the Atlantic when I haven't even stepped in the kiddie pool, however I would love to bring this game to the masses as it could be friendly both to technical and casual players alike, integrating style with substance while minimizing the technical barrier so players can, if they so choose, actively pursue learning the finer points of the game no matter their control system.  I have characters, and I'm building move lists as we speak based around Forms.

All I'm asking is that, if possible, someone help me get the information I need to execute this project.  Other people, PDF files, resources, whatever they are willing to lend, even if it's just a comment it will help.
Re: EF-12 Project Development Questions for Wildfire of Souls
#2  January 20, 2016, 03:10:20 am
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Hey dude. I know the struggle About a year ago, i was FOAMING at the mouth about EF-12. The freedom, customization options, god i was awe struck. However i just have to tell you 2 things things right now
1) There is NO easy way of doing this. None. There is no template character or game or anything. This WILL require effort on your part one way or the other.
2) You may think this, but sorry for being harsh. You CANNOT and WILL NOT do this alone. If you really want this project to go anywhere. You'll need like minded individuals to help you. A game like this is massive enough as it is, on top of the fact that there is very little known of this engine, and tutorials are scarce. There is documentation though. Here is all i can find. Warning it is HUGE (Packaged it with anything EF-12 I could find)
Personally i'd recommend going online and researching this stuff. USFIV has been gutted to death in terms of data. Essentially anything that can be known is. Study frame data and all that. I really do stress this, look for people if you are really passionate about this. I'm sue there are people who'd be willing to help. Hell, i'll help any way i can :) I have dropped this engine, but i may pick it up again to assist you if you'd like. I hope this helps in some way. If you need help with general design, i keep a Youtube playlist for fighting game design, so check it out if you'd like.
Hope any of this helps!

Re: EF-12 Project Development Questions for Wildfire of Souls
#3  January 20, 2016, 11:57:38 am
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Indeed, it can be very tempermental, I pretty much just make from time to time characters based off of animes i've watched and then try my best at the  movesets, But none are 100% ready for release. It'll take a long time.
You'll need Microsoft office aswell to use the Excel spreadsheets, I've tried free alternatives but they can break a character outright, as i've had many times.
I wish you goodluck and I'll be watching this thread to see what you need/come up with. :)