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Started by Odb718, September 14, 2015, 02:27:20 am
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MoveHit (Triggers)
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This trigger is valid only when the player is in an attack state. MoveHit gives a non-zero value if P2 has been hit by P1's attack. It gives 0 otherwise. Typically used with the "StateNo" and "Command" triggers for detecting move-interrupts in the CMD file.

Return type:
Error conditions:

trigger1 = MoveHit
  True if P1's attack connected successfully with P2.

    See Details section for MoveContact trigger.

Details for MoveContact:
    On attack contact, MoveContact returns 1. After contact, MoveContact's return value will increase by 1 for each game tick that P1 is not paused (P1 gets paused on contact; see pausetime parameter in HitDef controller). The values of MoveGuarded, MoveHit and MoveReversed increment in the same fashion.

    Note 1: the values of MoveContact, MoveGuarded, MoveHit and MoveReversed are set simultaneously. For example, if one HitDef in a move hits successfully, MoveHit will return non-zero. If a following HitDef in the same move is guarded, MoveGuarded will return non-zero, and the other three triggers will return 0.

    Note 2: the values of the four Move* triggers reset to 0 and stop incrementing after a state transition. See "movehitpersist" parameter for StateDefs (CNS docs) for how to override this behavior.
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