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Started by Ricepigeon, September 23, 2015, 05:42:10 pm
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SelfState (SCTRL)
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Like ChangeState, except that this changes a player back to a state in his own state data. Use this when you have placed an opponent player in a custom state via an attack, and wish to restore the opponent to his own states.

Required parameters:
    value = state_no (int)
        state_no is the number of the state to change to.

Optional parameters:
    ctrl = ctrl_flag (int)
        ctrl_flag is the value to set the player's control flag to. 0 for no control, nonzero for control.
    anim = anim_no (int)
        This is the action number to switch to. If omitted, the player's animation will remain unchanged.

; Change to the player's own standing state, and give player control
type = SelfState
value = 0
ctrl = 1

Additional Notes
The state number that the player changes to will always be the state number contained in that character files, regardless of wether that player is within his/her own states or his/her opponent's. If Player2 is already inside one of his/her own states, the SelfState SCTRL becomes functionally identical to the ChangeState SCTRL. If Player2 is currently within one of Player1's states and you wish to have Player2 change to another state inside Player1's files, use the ChangeState SCTRL instead.
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