Blossoming Nymphaea (Released 05/15/2019) (Read 514 times)

Started by MoloMowChow, May 15, 2019, 08:22:40 am
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Blossoming Nymphaea (Released 05/15/2019)
#1  May 15, 2019, 08:22:40 am
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Showcase video

For M.U.G.E.N v1.1

Download Links (v1.01):
Normal Version (200+ MB) -
No Assistants Version (108 MB) -
Mirror links are at my website

It's been about 1 year since I started making MUGEN AI vs AI content. I decided commemorate this small occasion by remaking a new version of Nymphaea, the very first character I ever made, utilizing the techniques I've learned over the year.
I tried to keep some familiarity with the first Nymphaea, but add a bunch of bells and whistles, along with additional moves. She has high-res sprites now too, fancier attacks and some Assistant Helpers.

However, this character ended up totaling 200+ MB in filesize, a majority of that is from the .sff sprite file. This will result in a rather longer load time than normal when loading this character for the first time in a MUGEN session.
For those of you who find the large filesize unbearable, I have made a version of Blossoming Nymphaea that removes her assistant helpers and their sprites. As a result, this greatly reduces her filesize, at the cost of leaving her on her own during fights and consequently weaker in AI battles.

This character was originally made for the purpose of AI vs AI spectacle fights, and isn't meant for human challenge.
But nothing is stopping you from playing as or against this character.

That's all for now. Thanks for reading!
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