[CVSI] In Da Club + ClubMOTVN Mashup. (In da club MOTVN) [NSFW NOT REALLY] (Read 1012 times)

Started by Magatsuki☽, November 11, 2018, 04:26:06 am
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[CVSI] In Da Club + ClubMOTVN Mashup. (In da club MOTVN) [NSFW NOT REALLY]
#1  November 11, 2018, 04:26:06 am
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Ever wonder what's in Pornking's Downtown Strip Club? cool. let me take you there.

CVSI Dialog
Unknown : Code-name Crimsion Viper you are tasked with the investigation of the rapid surge in organized crime masterminded
By one Mr. Big.
C-Viper: Mr. Big I was sure he left behind organized crime. Well, I have ways of getting information out of scum like him.
Unknown: No collateral, we have word VIP'S are en route looking for a night of fun.
I repeat, no collateral.
C-Viper: Understood, I have the mission outline here were after the demons he's colluding with... not Mr.Big himself.
Unknown: Correct! code-name Crimsion Viper seek out and eliminate targets Σ70101-b & λ21056-a
C-Viper: Understood. *says Crimsion Viper as exits her car and strides to a nearby strip club.
Stage Details
Mugen Version : 1.1
Coordinate Space : 1280, 720
Zoom & Super-Jump : OK/OK
My Notes & Download
This stage is not a completed one expect updates.
MOTVN, EXSHADOW, and myself
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